A Night Out to remember

PHOTO PROVIDED“Prescription Laughter” features Karen Morgan (left) and Nancy Witter. The comic duo will perform at the 21st-annual Girls Night Out breast cancer awareness event on Tuesday, Oct. 15.

PLATTSBURGH – CVPH Foundation will be mixing it up this year for Girls Night Out.

The breast cancer awareness initiative of The Foundation of Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital turns 21 and will be held at 7 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 15 at the Strand Center Theatre located at 25 Brinkerhoff St. in Plattsburgh.

Tickets are $20 each and may be purchased at the Box Office located at 23 Brinkerhoff St. in the Strand Center for the Arts.



“After last year’s events we did a survey of the attendees whose emails we had,” Michelle Senecal, events and special projects manager, said.

“We had quite a few because when they buy the tickets online we capture their emails. There were several comments on the show being too long and just various other things.

“So, we decided this year rather than have two partially sold-out shows we would take it down to one show and hope that we have a full sold-out crowd.”

The revamped format is minus the emcee and introductory speakers.

“This year we’re going to have the Foundation associate vice president Kerry Haley do a quick welcome, and then from there we will go right into a video about the Foundation,” Senecal said.

“We have a video that talks about all the services we do out in the community. It will be brand new, first time shown. It’s actually a video that we will use for other events going forward, but it will be premiered at Girls Night Out.”



The evening will then segue to the annual Boobie Prize, which is given to a community member who supports breast-cancer awareness.

“That’s always a surprise,” she said.

“We’re not going to have entertainment this year. We’re going go from the Bobbie Prize award straight into the two comedians. They are ladies that met a few years ago trying out for Nickelodeon’s 'The Funniest Mom in America.'

"These two ladies met there. Neither one won it, but I think they were in the top seven finalists. They became friends and tour now doing these stand-up acts.”

“Prescription Laughter” features Nancy Witter and Karen Morgan.

“One will come out for 20 minutes and do her thing, while the other one sits on a stool on the stage,” Senecal said.

“Then the other one does her thing, and then they banter back and forth. It will be like three 20-minute sections. We figure instead of having entertainment, this should be entertaining enough. The fact that we spend so much to have these comedians come here, we would like to have them on stage longer than they have been."

Witter, a past speaker, returns after a couple of years interval.

"She was very funny, so I’m anxious to see her with the other lady," Senecal said.


The Breast Cancer Awareness Month event is underwritten by Coryer Staffing, Dannemora Federal Credit Union, Della Auto Group, Lake Champlain Ob/Gyn PC, Peru Federal Credit Union, Warren Tire Service Center and the University of Vermont Health Network-CVPH Obstetrics & Gynecology.

This year, artist Diane Laurin's logo design will be distributed in stickers not bracelets.

“We will be handing out a swag bag, a green grocery shopping bag,” Senecal said.

“They are really sturdy and they’re washable. You can wipe them off and that is good. We’re going to hand out these stickers. People can put them right on the bag. Then we have other handouts that our underwriters will have, the usual pens and stuff like that.”


Attendees can take advantage of Dinner & A Show.

Ticket holders can flash them at local restaurants on the event night and receive a 10 percent discount at 18 local restaurants.

“If we sell out the Strand, which I'm hoping we will be close to, it’s over 900 people,” Senecal said.

“I would think we should be pretty full because each show definitely filled the bottom before and through the top.”

“The other thing is to remind people to get their ticket early because there is only one show.”

The Strand website is www.strandcenter.org

The Foundation’s website is www.cvph.org

“If they go to the Foundation website, there is a link that will take them right to the Strand,” Senecal said.

“It’s amazing how many local ladies look forward to this. They really do. If we haven’t done any promotion by August, we’re usually getting phone calls.

“It’s always the Tuesday after Columbus Day, so they know what day it is.”


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