PLATTSBURGH — Edy’s Of Course Salon & Spa was given a makeover this spring, switching name and owner.

Sixty-four-year-old Edy Bergenn, who opened the business in the early 2000s, will continue styling clients there, but hoped passing on her namesake salon would cut her out some free time.

“I just want to start having fun and not worrying on my days off. I want to experience some fun and freedom.”

The salon and spa, now Amazing Haircare, is owned by experienced stylist Sharron Boice, a longtime friend of salon staff.

“Edy asked me four or five times to come work at the salon over the years. I would say, ‘Oh, Edy. I don’t like change.’ Then she called me and said, ‘I have a better offer for you.’”


It was 2002 when Bergenn packed up her life to move out of her Long Island hometown to be with twin sister Fran Anderson in upstate New York.

Having operated two Edy’s Of Course salons downstate for 20 years, Bergenn brought the established business name with her, opening the Skyway Plaza location in the City of Plattsburgh.

“The building was just stripped of everything,” she remembered. “We had to put up all of the walls and rooms and flooring and carpeting.”

The 1,700-square-foot space was soon transformed into a full-service salon and spa with a waiting area, multiple styling stations and rooms enough for nailcare, massages and waxing.

“It’s beautiful,” Bergenn said. “It was a big venture.”


Bergenn started the salon, which for years neighbored sister Fran’s tanning salon, solo before hiring help.

“They came a little at a time.”

Now, under Boice’s leadership, it has a staff of eight, including Bergenn, Boice, Debbie Bouyea, Lauren Swazye, Katie Dennie, Irene Barth, Amy Quesnel and Liz Leach.

“We’re family,” Bergenn said. “If something happens to any of us, we’re right there for each other. I love these girls. We’ve definitely been there for each other.

“I think that is the success of the whole thing.”


Boice, 58, reiterated Bergenn’s sentiment.

Though not one for change, she ultimately chose, with encouraging words from husband Robert “Bobby,” to take on the new venture, because of the staff.

“I used to go and visit the girls at Edy’s salon. We all get along really well.”

And the Plattsburgh native couldn’t say enough about the salon’s interior, describing it as upscale and gushing over its many near-floor-length mirrors and shiny floors.

“Edy took such great care of it. I just love her style. She’s from Long Island, so she just has great style.”


Thinking back to why she became a stylist, Boice credited her mom and also family friend Vickie LaShomb (Laundrie) of Rouses Point.

“She was a hairdresser and she was gorgeous. I used say, ‘I’m going to grow up to be just as beautiful as her.’”

Plus, Boice had a thing for hair, giving her Barbie dolls haircuts until they were nearly bald and rolling up her own locks in cheap rollers.

“They’d get caught in my hair,” she said while laughing.


But Boice’s 38-year-long success in the profession is a testament to her hard work, working years at other salons and taking at least a decade to build up a strong client following, as well as her social nature.

“I love to talk,” she said. “I’m just a social butterfly.”

Since becoming the salon’s owner and operator May 1, Boice said it has been a success.

Though operations will stay the same, she’s made some stylistic changing, like painting mirror frames and adding plants, to bring her own spice to the place.

“All of my clients came with me. I got so much love and support from all of my family members,” she said, noting sons MaKenzie and Tyler, and stepson Bobby.

“I don’t like change, but it was a great change. I feel really blessed to be working with one of Plattsburgh’s biggest icons and alongside some very talented ladies.”

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