Joseph C. Samaras, MD

Joseph C. Samaras, MD of Plattsburgh Medical Care located at 75 State Rte 3, Suite 1, in Plattsburgh.

PLATTSBURGH — Joseph C. Samaras, MD went all in on medicine as a profession that has taken him from Egypt, where he was born, to Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and the Adirondack Coast.

In 2022, he marked his 50th anniversary of medical service. Below, he reflects on his graduation to medical school and his patients at the Plattsburgh Medical Care.

I still remember the day I graduated from Medical school, it was the first week of June of 1972. I was the happiest kid in town, ans I worked very hard, for six non-stop years to earn my medical degree at the age of 24 years and three months, but unaware of the fact that six additional years of internship and residency programs in Internal Medicine were to be quite stressful, mentally and physically draining, having spent many long hours at different hospitals in Philadelphia, Pa., Dayton, Ohio, and Wheeling, West Virginia.

Right after my training and working in the ER for seven months, I decided to open a private practice in the State of Ohio as a Primary Care Physician and also assisting in surgery on my own patients. My practice boomed, so I limited my busy time to outpatient care, handling a large variety of medical issues.

In 1993, I was named by my peers to be the President of the Belmont County Medical Society and a delegate of the Ohio State Medical Association. What an honor that was! My reputation as a person and clinician was super and is remaining so as to this day.

Family reasons, that’s what made me move to the area in 2002, first a practice in Champlain, then in Plattsburgh as Medical Provider and Director of the VA Clinic for three years during which time I received a Certificate of Appreciation issued by the President of the Health Net Federal Services. I decided afterwards to return to private practice.

Here at Plattsburgh Medical Care, I work with excellent providers, medical assistants and extended office staff. I also provide services to the residents of the Plattsburgh Rehab and Nursing Center.

I love medicine and care a lot about my patients to whom I give all my 50 years of medical knowledge and experience. It also keeps my mind working and gets me out of the house. Wow, it’s a win-win situation for me and my patients.

I am physically healthy. I love the summer season because I go kayaking for one hour at a time in a sportive way. I also enjoy biking, walking and gardening. Throughout he year, I use the dumbbells and my heavy equipment at home to stay fit. I watch some TV, mostly PBS, Discovery, Animal Planet, Travel and sports channels. Occasionally, I go for an action or a romantic or a suspense movie. I enjoy music and play some guitar, just for fun.

I master five languages: English, French, Greek, Italian and Arabic. Of Greek and Italian descent, I have two grown-up children and two grandkids who often keep in touch with me, thanks to the electronic apps.

Thank God I’ve been blessed and I will continue to serve the patients in this community for as long as I am capable to do so … and life goes one.

Dr. Joseph C. Samaras was blessed with a good mind, and so he pursued medicine as a profession that has taken him for Egypt to Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and the North Country. He is among the doctors and medical staff at Plattsburgh Medical Care.



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