Here's a list of land transactions in Franklin County from June 5 to 9, 2017. The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents at the Franklin County Clerk's office: 

To Thomas Nash and Paula Ann Nash from Christina L. Mechura, Brighton, $1.

To Richard G. Young from Lyle Cook, Brandon, $12,000.

To David French and Rebecca French from Kris Quibley, Malone, $1.

To Tyler E. Parent and Emma C. Parent from Tyler E. Parent, Moira, zero dollars.

To Ola Howard from Carolyn P. Huff, Fort Covington, $40,000.

To TL Quinn LLC from David W. Johnson, Tupper Lake, $195,000.

To Nicholas J. Rheaume and Kaela M. Rheaume from Jerry T. Jones and Barbara Jones, Malone, $105,000.

To Tyler J. McDonald and Rebecca A. McDonald from Stephanie L. Dabiew formerly known as Stephanie L. Perry, and Michael Dabiew, Brandon, $131,000.

To Jacob G. Gale from Neil E. Martin, Courtney L. Martin formerly known as Courtney L. Reynolds, Bangor, $90,900.

To Amanda Duryea from Matthew R. Schur and Amanda Duryea, Brighton, zero dollars.

To Danielle J. Brockway from Donald J. Lamere and Paula D. Lamere, Constable, $1.

To Shaun M. Trombley and Mary Jo Trombley from John Frederick Manning and Joanne P. Manning, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To William James McCord and Sherry L. McCord from Bryan K. Selvaag, Chateaugay, $111,000.

To Timothy J. Burke and Kelly B. Burke from Albert J. Anderson and Thyra P. Anderson, Tupper Lake, $70,000.

To Zora F. Cauvel and Elmer D. Dunn Sr. from Town of Burke, zero dollars.

To Robert O. McDonald from Robert O. McDonald and Justin Decosse, Bellmont, $1.

To Steven A. Lamica Jr. from Steven A. Lamica and Lisa Reome, Constable, $1.

To Richard D. Lapage and Robert T. Lapage from Castlerock 2017 LLC, Malone, $17,000.

To Jason D. Smith and Charlene M. Smith from Jeffery Gillette and Lucille Gillette, Bellmont, $173,000.

To Joshua Marlow and Hannah H. Marlow from Rouse A. Fountain Sr. and Bethyl Fountain also known as Bethel Fountain, Brighton, $245,000.

To Derek W. Wescott and Ellie L. M. Wescott from William E. Wescott and Lana J. Wescott, Burke, zero dollars.

To John Grevikis from James W. Merkle and Susan J. Pierson, Tupper Lake, $75,000.

To Tammy Artus and Lee C. Roscoe from Lee F. Roscoe and Darleen Roscoe, Dickinson, $1.

To Wilmer D. Bontrager and Verba A. Bontrager from Carlos E. Griffith, Burke, $57,500.

To Valerie Jackson from Ashley White, Fort Covington, $2,500.

To Andrew C. Pickett and Donella M. Rapier from Lawrence M. Friedman, trustee of the Lawrence M. Friedman Revocable Trust, Malone, $213,263.

To Richard Mongeon from Judith Pareira, Esq., referee, and Kevin P. Kelly, Malone, $73,600.

To Gino Izzo and Giuseppe Izzo from Maria Guerrera, Pasquale Mancini, Gelsomina Mancini, and Vittoria Cipriano, Bellmont, $35,000.

To Alice May Thompson and Trudy A. Durant from Alice Mae Thompson also known as Alice May Thompson, Bellmont, $1.

To Jordan R. Nason from Bruce G. Nason and Patricia L. Nason, Tupper Lake, $109.000.

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