Here's a list of land transactions in Franklin County from July 3 to 7, 2017. The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents at the Franklin County Clerk's office: 

To Robert J. Parks and Deborah A. Hart from George Jordan, Moira, $1.

To Shane L. Hunter and Rebecca J. Hunter from Shane Hunter, Dickinson, $1.

To Adam M. Decarr from Kenneth Shantie and Martha Shantie, Dickinson, $1.

To Brian Shantie and Misti Tyo from Kenneth Shantie and Martha Shantie, Dickinson, $1.

To Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB DBA Christiana Trust, from James Maher, Esq., referee, Ryan P. Staples, Bryon A. Varin as administrator of the estate of William P. Staples, Chateaugay, $72,500.

To Ernest E. Russell and Brenda R. Russell from David W. Roach Sr. and David W. Roach Jr., Moira, $1,500.

To Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from Bank of America, Tupper Lake, $1.

To Marjorie A. Bair and Keith A. Bair from John Wilhelm and Roberta Wilhelm, trustees of the John and Roberta Wilhelm Living Trust, Brighton, $350,000.

To Christopher Jock and Natascha Jock from Frank J. Wood and Rosemarie Wood, Bellmont, $120,000.

To Neshobe LLC from Lisa MacArthur, as successor trustee of the Herbert Stuart MacArthur Trust, Harrietstown, $1,400,000.

To Morris J. Wells from Tucker Backus, Tupper Lake, $135,500.

To Bank of New York Mellon-Trustee, from Richard Manning, Esq., James Richmond and Jackie Frezzo, Tupper Lake, $168,338.

To Adirondack MT Land LLC from Greg Fregoe, Laura Fregoe, Jerry Ward, Kellie Ward, Shane Fregoe, Guy Fregoe, Deborah Fregoe and Gregory Fregoe, Brandon, $17,000.

To Hans N. Miller from Adirondack MT Land LLC, Brandon, $70,000.

To Adam J. Bushey and Roland A. Bushey from Roland A. Bushey, Constable, zero dollars.

To Annette I. Jock from Rita I. Jock, Bombay, zero dollars.

To Franklin County from Donald Dabiew and Ann Dabiew, Constable, $1,400.

To Shane M. Brady and Ann F. Brady from Scott M. Brady, Shane M. Brady and Steven M. Brady, Westville, $37,500.

To Eric M. Warner from Alice S. Warner, Brighton, zero dollars.

To Robert Dwyer, Arthur Dwyer, Timothy Dwyer and Brian Dwyer from Thomas E. Dwyer and Margaret F. Dwyer, Chateaugay, zero dollars.

To TL Quinn LLC from Thomas P. Lamere, Tuppe Lake, $55,000.

To Sally R. House, trustee of the Sally R. House Trust from Sally R. House, Malone, zero dollars.

To Christopher Parker and Carol Parker from Shirley Ann Parker, executrix of the will and testament of Root E. Parker also known as Root E. Parker Jr., Waverly, zero dollars.

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