Here’s a list of land transactions in Franklin County from Sept. 1 to 8, 2017. The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents at the Franklin County Clerk’s office:

To David A. Leavitt and Marybeth Leavitt from Lenore N. Leavitt, Brighton, $1.

To Childstock Farms Inc. from David A. Leavitt and Marybeth Leavitt, Brighton, $156,805.

To Raymond Moats and Tamara Moats from Joanne Petty Manning, Harrietstown, $50,000.

To Raymond Moats and Tamara Moats from Joanne Petty Manning, Harrietstown, $250,000.

To Michael K. Pehush from Justine B. Pehush, Malone, $1 (2).

To George D. Soulier IV and Arlene L. Soulier from Jennifer A. Manning formerly known as Jennifer A. Childs, Moira, $100,000.

To Jeane Rivers and Lawrence Rivers from Community Bank, Waverly, $28,000.

To Mitchell R. Williams and Jamie L. Williams from Paul A. Williams and Shirley P. Williams, Malone, $1.

To Jodi Mackey from Darren Mackey and Jodi Mackey, Moira, zero dollars.

To HSBC USA from Department of Housing and Urban Development, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To JM Gotcsik LLC from Neil P. Miller and Barbara G. Miller, as trustees of the Neil P. Miller and Barbara G. Miller AB Living Trust, Harrietstown, $325,000.

To Doreen Gorgas and Eileen Olsen from RD Holdings LLC, Harrietstown, $125,000.

To H. Lamar Horning and Dolores Z. Horning from Scott C. Rousell and Lisa A. Rousell, Bangor, $210,000.

To John Seymour and Renee Seymour from Keith Shova, Constable, $21,000.

To Trisha Lapage, Kenneth Boyle and Patricia Boyle from Lindsey S. Brockway, Franklin, $174,000.

To Devan M. Monette and Elizabeth L. Rose from Frank R. Sansone III and Celeste M. Sansone, Malone, $89,000.

To William J. Hammill and Maxine A. Hammill from James E. Hammill and Pauline S. Hammill, Westville, $5,000.

To Lyndzey Legacy from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, Malone, $88,500.

To Joseph A. Waters and Rachelle M. Waters from Thomas F. Finnigan III and Lorraine E. Finnigan, Franklin, $39,000.

To Joseph E. Nowicki from McConnell Family Agreement of Trust, Waverly, $63,000.

To Curt J. Staves and Jessica A. Genaway from Casey S. Taylor, Harrietstown, $103,000.

To Pamela Savard and Dana Savard from Pamela Savard, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To George R. Fitchett IV and Rita F. Fitchett from George R. Fitchett IV, Brighton, zero dollars.

To Ronald E. Grey from Diane L. Grey, Chateaugay, zero dollars (2).

To Timothy A. Leahy from Norman Towle and Dianne Towle, Constable, $9,000.

To Aaron Forbes, Amanda Forbes and Adrian Forbes from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Harrietstown, $55,000.

To Moore Family Irrevocable Trust from Lorraine D. Moore, Westville, $1.

To Antonis Georgakis and Todd Bechard from Venture Vest LLC, Constable, $50,000.

To Kevin M. Donaldson and Amy M. Donaldson from Wayne H. Bruso and Lee E. Bruso, co-executors of the estate of Lloyd Bruso, Westville, $50,000.

To Matthew E. Yoder and Sarah Yoder from William M. Miller and Alta Miller, Burke, $225,000.

To Brenda McFaul from Debbie Monette and Debbie McFaul, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To James O. King from Charles E. King, Malone, zero dollars.

To John Markwalter Trust from John Markwalter Trust, Santa Clara, zero dollars.

To Michael W. Trombly from William A. Trombly and Mary Beth Trombly, Chateaugay, zero dollars.

To Stephanie Leffler from Brenda Cook, individually and as surviving spouse of James Cook, Chateaugay, zero dollars.

To Christopher Pannhurst and Heather Pannhurst from Jeremy Way, Marguerite Scocozza formerly known as Marguerite Way, Malone, $174,500.

To Lucas A. Dutton and Amanda J. Ashline from Linda Collins, individually and as surviving tenant by the entirety with Merrill F. Collins, Malone, $125,000.

To Tina M. Gaetano from Key Bank, Moira, $23,000.

To Lisa A. Rousell and Scott C. Rousell from Philip L. Snyder and Lynda Snyder, Moira, $225,000.

To Joseph Rivers from Chet Lobdell, Burke, $123,000.

To Chelsea Allen from Paulette Allen, individually and as surviving spouse by the entirety of Roland J. Allen Jr., and Geraldine L. Mainville now known as Geraldine L. Allen, Malone, $45,000.

To Nicholas P. Dewey from Joshua Ashline, Constable, $112,000.

To Christina White from Carolyn L. Champagne and Bruce C. Champagne, Malone, $110,000.

To Wei Zhong Zheng and Qunqing Yu from Michael B. Riley, Malone, $16,000.

To Tammy Forgues from Royal Forgues, Malone, $44,000.

To Tammy Forgues from Royal Forgues and Tammy Forgues formerly known as Tammy Dupont, Bellmont, $165,000.

To Tammy Forgues from Royal Forgues, Malone, $42,000.

To Tammy Forgues from Royal Forgues, Malone, $190,000.

To Tammy M. Forgues from Royal S. Forgues and Tammy M. Forgues formerly known as Tammy M. Dupont, Malone, $24,000.


Here’s a list of land transactions in Franklin County from Sept. 11 to 15, 2017:

To David W. Laplant Jr. and Meagan E. Laplant from David W. Laplant Jr., Malone, zero dollars.

To Charles Douglas Bencze from Marc E. Counter, Tupper Lake, $17,500.

To Lisa Augustine from Thomas P. Lamere, Tupper Lake, $47,000.

To Sara Karr from Sarah E. Garland, Leland P. Marlow and Shirley T. Marlow, Bangor, $12,201.

To Debra A. Martin and Katherine Woods from Erik Hall, Tupper Lake, $15,000.

To Terri F. Chase from Kay E. Fall and Kenneth L. Fall, Chateaugay, zero dollars (4).

To Ryan A. Yaddow and Amy M. Hayle from Michael Marshall, Westville, $88,500.

To Leonard H. Gokey and Janalyn Gokey from Leonard Gokey, Bellmont, zero dollars.

To Dennis John Duprey and Beverly Jean Duprey from Augustus Robert Dupra Jr. and Shirley M. Dupra, Constable, zero dollars.

To Sara J. Paige from Robert L. Paige and Sara J. Paige, Brandon, $27,450.

To Robert L. Paige from Robert L. Paige and Sara J. Paige, Brandon, $1.

To Jolie A. Long from Jenda Lee Cotton and Jamie Lynn Branch, co-executors of the last will and testament of Arlene June LeBeau Branch, Harrietstown, $136,000.

To Matthew N. Wolter from Christopher J. Alcocer, Brighton, $120,000.

To Asher Allen from Bethany Allen now known as Bethany M. Martin, Moira, $1.

To V. Mortgage Reo 3 LLC from Brian S. Stewart, Esq., referee, and Murray W. Smithers II, Tupper Lake, $242,558.26.

To Virginia Roarabaugh from Fannie Mae, Tupper Lake, $64,000.

To Peter J. Cook from Nora Janack, Westville, $72,080.

To Nora J. Janack from Robert S. Macica and Barbara Macica, Bellmont, $58,500.

To Jacob Treptow from Albert Raymond Henstock and Clara Henstock, Fort Covington, $27,000.

To Brett Plumadore from Fannie Mae, Tupper Lake, $26,900.

To Marguerite Scocozza from Daniel Black and Faith Carriere Black, Constable, $65,000.

To Michael D. Lamica and Janet K. Lamica from John G. Lamica, Constable, $19,000.

To Donald R. Dabiew and Ann M. Dabiew from Robert J. Andrews Jr., Bombay, zero dollars.

To Susan B. Arsenault from Mark J. Arsenault, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To Mark A. Jessie and Suzanne D. Orlando from Peter Labarge, Tupper Lake, $80,000.

To Lawrence B. Churco and Holly J. Churco from Lawrence B. Churco and Holly J. Churco, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To Danny Price and Jennifer C. Yousey from Thomasina S. Gallagher, surviving tenant by the entirety of William F. Gallagher, Harrietstown, $192,500.

To Jacqueline Beattie from Dean Lavigne and Marcy Lavigne, Tupper Lake, $102,500.

To Robert E. Dupra and Betsy A. Dupra from Robert Dupra and Tina L. Dupra, Constable, zero dollars.

To Dennis M. Reardon and Dawn L. Reardon from Lesley DeBuque, executrix of the estate of Alpha Latray Jr., Bombay, $74,980.

To Mary C. Bilow and Floyd W. Bilow Jr. from Matthew Backus, Malone, $55,000.

To HSBC Bank from Frank Zappala, Esq., referee, Erin E. Shene and Noah M. Stone, Constable, $71,487.04.

To Edward M. Palen and Teresa Cheetham Palen from Raymond Moats and Tamara Moats, Harrietstown, $200,000.

To Glen Zarboni and Kelly Zarboni from Helen M. Marshall and David J. Marshall, Bellmont, $140,000.


Here’s a list of land transactions in Franklin County from Sept. 18 to 22, 2017:

To John E. Palmer from John T. Omohundro and Susan Speier Omohundro, Harrietstown, $134,500.

To Robert G. Hest and Terence J. McQuilliantrustees of the Susan D. Fuller Irrevocable Trust from Bryon A. Varin, Deborah Anne Kennedy and EJ Charles Kennedy, co-executors of the estate of Walter Kennedy, and Bryon A. Varin, Christine Kennedy and Louisette Dorthee Belanger-Kennery, co-executors of the estate of Owen Kennedy, Bellmont, $12,000.

To Loon Lily LLC from Jay S. Federman, Santa Clara, zero dollars.

To Francis Boadway and Carol Boadway from Francis Boadway and Carol Boadway, Chateaugay, zero dollar.

To Patrick R. Cook from Ruth Stankus, Franklin, $143,000.

To Karen A. Gravelle and Paul R. Gravelle from George Burke and Christine Burke, Bellmont, $190,000.

To Andrew R. Cook from Jay G. Douglas and Melanie J. Cook-Douglas, Chateaugay, $30,000.

To Raquette River Brewing LLC from Gregory J. Jessie, Judith A. Imlach and Mark A. Jessie, Tupper Lake, $70,000.

To Thomas Hitchcock from Bruce G. Gibbs, executor of the last will and testament of Carol J. Smith, Tupper Lake, $10,000.

To Richard B. Collier and Brooke A. Collier from Hubert A. Piorkowski and Kayann M. Sunarth, Santa Clara, $407,000.

To Michael Crawford from Margaret E. Crawford, Chateaugay, zero dollars.

To Matthew H. McArdle and James T. McArdle from Matthew H. McArdle and James T. McArdle. Chateaugay, zero dollars.

To Jerrad W. Dumont and Tiarra S. Dumont from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Harrietstown, $92,000.

To Sally Anne White from Sally Anne White and Wayne L. Miller, Malone, zero dollars.

To Peter L. Arcadi and Darcy J. Moore from Harry P. Arcadi, Waverly, zero dollars.

To Lauren Gillis from Barbara Hebert, Tupper Lake, $30,000.

To David A. Wesche and Andrea L. Wesche from Kelly J. Black, Bellmont, $27,000.

To John F. Carroll and Donna C. Carroll from Mary Pat Hopper, Waverly, $4,500.

To Susan L. Perelman, trustee of the Elitzer 2017 Upper Saranac Lake Trust, from Susan L. Perelman, trustee of the Elitzer 2017 Upper Saranac Lake Trust, Santa Clara, zero dollars.

To Christopher M. Laramee and Kate L. Babbie from Joseph W. Tousignant and Amy Tousignant, Malone, $100,000.

To John Markwalter Trust from John Markwalter Trust, Santa Clara, zero dollars.

To Paul J Walbridge and Laura Walbridge from Robert W. Helms and Anne E. Helms, Malone, $32,000.

To Robert A. Fleury, Gayle L. Fleury, Toby J. Leclair and Cindy L. Leclair from Bryan C. Manning and Jennifer A. Manning, Malone, $20,000.

To Jessica Gregg and Jennifer Galarneau from Penni L. Smith-Lamar, executrix of the last will and testament of David A. Lamar, Franklin, zero dollars.

To George Martin from David Dunn, Bangor, $5,125.

To David Sutton and Tina Sutton from Melody M. Delong, Chateaugay, $10,000.

To Alice A. Strack from Glenn J. Strack, Franklin, zero dollars.

To Michael A. Sypher and Courtney L. Sypher from Michael A. Sypher and Courtney L. Sypher, Brighton, $1.

To Michael A. Sypher and Courtney L. Sypher from Leavitt Farms Inc., Brighton, $3,950.

To Wilmington Trust National Association from Judith Pareira, Esq., referee, Mary B. Wiemann, executrix of the estate of Paul Wiemann, Malone, $96,618.80.

To Anthony J. Mehalick from Betty J. Martin-Mehalick, Harrietstown, $1.

To Betty J. Martin-Mehalick from Anthony J. Mehalick, Harrietstown, $1.

To U.S.Bank Trust from Spencer Rushlaw, Harrietstown, $80,879.70.

To Michael L. Rock and Irene M. Rock from Lisa A. Meyer, Franklin, $190,000.

To Beverly G. Kubica from George R. Kubica, trustee of the George P. Kubica Revocable Living Trust, and Beverly G. Kubica, trustee of the Beverly G. Kubica, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Rensma Timberlands LP from MWF Adirondacks LLC, Tupper Lake, $675,000.

To Andrew C. Webber and Johana Angelica Webber from Kelly J. Black, Franklin, $37,500.

To Chris J. Bashaw from Kelly J. Black, Bellmont, $3,000.

To Chet A. Lobdell and Farren C. Lobdell from Robert Richards Jr., Tampa Lamica and Dale Richards, heirs of Robert L. Richards Sr., Moira, $55,000.

To Chet Lobdell and Farren Lobdell from Timothy R. McCarthy and Gina L. McCarthy, Moira, $150,000.

To St. Andre Bessette Roman Catholic Parish from Debora Ducharme, executrix of the estate of Karl R. Flint, Malone, zero dollars.

To Kenneth R. Goldman, trustee of the Kenneth R. Goldman Revocable Trust from Kenneth R. Goldman, Harrietstown, zero dollars.


Here’s a list of land transactions in Franklin County from Sept. 25 to 29, 2017:

To Mark Manson, Sharon Manson and Derrick Manson from Mary D. McGrath and Mary D. Mosher, Moira, $8,500.

To Marc H. Sprague and Josie B. Sprague from John S. Coryea and Diane M. Coryea, Malone, $40,000.

To Ronald J. Decosse, Richard l. Decosse Sr. and James K. Laclair from Ronald J. Decosse and Richard L. Decosse Sr., Chateaugay, zero dollars.

To Robert M. Jackson and Jackie L. Jackson from Bonita L. Maneely, individually and as surviving spouse of Russell J. Maneely, Moira, $41,500.

To Michael Marion and Michelle Marion from Jacques Marion and Donna Marion, Malone, $2,650.

To John Stewart, Beth Stewart, Mary Allen and Coral Bunker from Charles A. Lashway, Franklin, $6,500.

To Diana Ladue from Brandy McCallops formerly known as Brandy Conlon and Diana Ladue, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To Kevin Ladue and Amy Farrell from Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Tupper Lake, $21,625.

To Adam Zeff and Cheryl Bettigole from Janet Goodman and Frederick Goodman, Bellmont, $169,000.

To William Zintl and Linda Zintl from Thomas E. Morris, Franklin, $17,500.

To Patrick J. Martin and Jason C. Martin from Sadie A. Martin, Dickinson, zero dollars.

To Matthew P. Woodward from Christopher W. Woodward, Michael D. Woodward, Elizabeth E. Belile, and Matthew P. Woodward, Dickinson, zero dollars.

To Brasen Lavassaur from Jason M. Roberge and Sarah L. Roberge, Tupper Lake, $4,000.

To Matthew L. Leroux from Odelia C. Leroux, executrix of the estate of Phillip L. Leroux, Fort Covington, zero dollars.

To Stacy Oakes from St. Patricks Church, Hogansburg, Bombay, $50,000.

To Mark E. Fidler and Teresa Andrews from James E. Dukett, as executor of the estate of Mark T. Dukett, Harrietstown, $290,000.

To James T. Egan and Tonya L. Egan from Shane Bilow and Melissa Bilow, Bangor, $205,000.

To Robert B Fitzgerald from Joseph M. Poquette and Doris A. Poquette, Waverly, $10,500.

To Raymond J. Mast and Mattie S. Mast from William Beachy and Lydia Beachy, Burke, $200,000.

To Justin Jay Brown from Philip Durkin and Kathleen Durkin, Malone, $37,000.

To Tom Sloan and Donna Sloan from Citizens Bank, Harrietstown, $35,500.

To Rose E. Oliver from Donna Vanier, Malone, $80,000.

To Laurence S. Wooters, Catherine J. Wooters, William H. Wooters and Elizabeth A. Wooters from Mary Donahoe, Santa Clara, $500,000.

To Donald Nelson Potter Jr. from Wells Fargo Bank, Malone, $16,500.

To James J. Acquavella from Mary G. Pepin and Ernest E. Pepin, Dickinson, $150,000.

To Anthony F. Mantello and Susan C. Mantello, trustees of the Mantello Joint Revocable Trust, from Anthony F. Mantello and Susan G. Mantello, Harrietstown, zero dollars (2).

To Thomas J. Flanagan and Nancy H. Flanagan from Andrea M. Dumas, Bellmont, $5,000.

To Craig T. Stevens and Renna M. Stevens from Edward Fortier and Debra Fortier, Tupper Lake, $30,000.

To Gino Izzo and Giuseppe Izzo from Heather A. Norcross formerly known as Heather A. Titus, Bellmont, $17,00.

To Floyd W. Bilow Jr. and Mary C. Bilow from Floyd W. Bilow Jr. and Mary C. Bilow, Malone, zero dollars.

To Marty Claire Astarita and James F. Astarita, as co-trustees of the Mary Claire Astarita Revocable Living Trust from James F. Astarita and Mary Claire Astarita, as co trustees of the James F. Astarita Revocable Living Trust, Malone, zero dollars.

To Amy L. Sclesky and Wayne Sclesky from Thomas J. Leitz and Courtney L. Leitz, Malone, $145,000.

To Shipman Farms LLC from Thomas J. Dillon, individually and as surviving tenant by the entirety with Joyce McDonough Dillon, Burke, $45,000.

To Jeremiah B. Leary and Jeremiah D. Leary from Albert Schnobb and Lisa Schnobb, Bellmont, $7,500.

To Tanner A. Tallman and Makensy K. Bazdaric from Randolph S. Mitchell and Savannah E. Mitchell formerly known as Savannah E. Clark, Brandon, $105,000.

To Kevin L. Villnave from Tyler E. Jock and Brandy N. Jock, Moira, $72,500.

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