Here's a list of land transactions in Franklin County from July 10 to 14, 2017. The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents at the Franklin County Clerk's office: 

To Amanda J. Hayes from Bryan J. Hughes, referee, and Evelyn Miller, Franklin, $50,000.

To Peter M. Levick from Peter M. Levick, Glenn R. Hammond and Wade A. Hammond, Bellmont, zero dollars.

To Sallie Surface from Cynthia A. Cantwell, Malone, $137,000.

To Mark Snyder from Loren E. LaRue, Edward Deaver, Christopher Deaver, Richard Sabin, John W. Webb, Amy Michelle LaRue-Robins, Margaret McManus and Beatrice Lamica being all the heirs at law and distributees of Rena M. LaRue, Fort Covington, zero dollars.

To A&F International New York LLC from Doreen G. Arrison, Brighton, $122,000.

To PMC Reo Trust from Pennymac Holdings LLC, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To Genevieve R. Deon and Christopher J. Deon from Maxine R. Stefanowicz, Bombay, $74,400.

To Dale R. Hammond and Donna D. Hammond from Kolin Malley, Malone, $65,00.

To Fred Knepperges from Robert B. Anderson and Elizabeth A. Johnson, Bellmont, $165,000.

To Emily M.A. Jackson from Kenneth W. Golden and Sharon T. Golden, Malone, $38,000.

To Kyle Sears and Erica Sears from James D. Dukette and Christi L. Dukette formerly known as Christi L. Wells, Tupper Lake, $65,048.

To Daland Corp from Malone Pizza Hut Realty, a partnership, Lloyd Bailey, individually and as partner, Joseph M. Bruso, individually and as partner, Susan A. Walsh, as executrix of the estate of Robert E. Walsh and as partner, and Mary McKee, as executrix of the estate of James McKee III and as partner, Malone, $485,000.

To Robbie W. Labombard from Robbie W. Labombard and Jessica A. Snyder, Constable, $1.

To Karen Williamson, Bruce Williamson and Matthew E. Williamson, from Susan Sweeney and William A. Sweeney, Santa Clara, $405,000.

To US Bank Trust NA as trustee for LSF8 Master Participation Trust, from Jane Garland, referee, Brandon, $500.

To William R. Holt and Ingrid E. Holt from US Bank NA as trustee for LSF8 Participation Trust by Caliber Real Estate Services LLC, Brandon, $45,000.

To Marvin R. Pickering Sr. from Diana Cribbs, as executor of the estate of Catherine Lamore, Tupper Lake, $25,000.

To Bruce Warren Sawyer, Linda Ann Sawyer Habeck, Mary Ellen Rock, Diane Lee Bailey, Rosemary Sawyer and Joanne Kilner from Mary Ellen Salls, Brighton, $1.

To Douglas F. Colson and Kathleen P. Colson from Jonathan Holman and Holco Realty LLC, Santa Clara, $1,760,000.

To Douglas F. Colson and Kathleen Colson from Douglas F. Colson and Kathleen Colson, Santa Clara, zero dollars.

To Maureen A. Lanctot from Michael B. Cochran and Karen R. Cochran, Westville, $68,000.

To Erik P. Fleury from Patrick V. Fleury, Bellmont, $30,000.

To Stephen P. Brand and Kimberly M. Brand from Jeanne Mageean and Rita M. Lemon, Malone, zero dollars.

To Cheryl Ann Wells from Matthew E. Yoder and Sarah W. Yoder, Burke, $65,000.

To Duane N. Prue and Mary Jean Dellernia from Warren Prue, Chateaugay, $25,000.

To David Michael Everett, Teresa Ann Everett and Samantha Everett from Phillip A. Taylor III and Loralyn K. Taylor, Harrietstown, $167,000.

To Corey R. Fleury and Danielle A. Fleury formerly known as Danielle Caron, from Clark Legacy LLC, Bangor, $33,000.

To Michael Maloney from Corey R. Fleury and Danielle A. Fleury, Bangor, $30,000.

To Joseph Waters also known as Joseph A. Waters and Rachelle Waters from Joseph R. Rupp and Alberdina L. Rupp, Franklin, $250,000.

To Adirondack MT Land LLC from Scott Brandi, Brandon, $32,500.

To Robert Lohse from Robert Lohse, executor of the last will and testament of Richard Lohse Sr. also known as Richard Lohse, and Audrey Lohse, Burke, zero dollars.

To Robert Lohse from Robert Lohse, executor of the last will and testament of Richard Lohse Sr., Burke, zero dollars.

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