Here's a list of land transactions in Franklin County from July 17 to 21, 2017. The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents at the Franklin County Clerk's office: 

To Judith Ann Polowy and Gregory Hilton Heming from Judith Ann Polowy, executrix of the last will and testament of June Heming, Bellmont, zero dollars.

To Terence J. McConnell and Barbara McConnell from Judith Ann Polowy and Gregory Hilton Heming, Bellmont, $84,225.

To Robert J. Griffin Jr. from Valerie Harrington, Dickinson, $1.

To Katherine A. Stone from Bryan M. Stone and Constance Connie Brunell, Malone, zero dollars.

To Joyce A. Wilson from Steven C. Wilson and Joyce A. Wilson, Franklin, zero dollars.

To Joseph R. Rupp and Alberdina L. Rupp from William N. Martin and Deborah L. Martin, Harrietstown, $275,000.

To KNM Realty LLC from Nisha Kumar, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To RJ & Kumar Properties LLC from Angelish Kumar, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To John A. Doyle and Melanie Doyle from Peter B. Morrill and Nancy R. Morrill, Harrietstown, $710,000.

To Petra Labarge from Amy Farrell, Tupper Lake, $80,00.

To Robert C. Eggleston and Robin L. Cooke from L. Alan Lobdell and Jessica H. Lobdell, Burke, $58,000.

To William A. Carroll and Tia L. Carroll from Mark Snyder, Fort Covington, $6,000.

To Adirondack 1892 Inc. from Debra J. Cox, Malone, $30,00.

To Crusher Mountain LLC from Loon Gulf Inc., Franklin, $425,000.

To Flying Spur LLC from Loon Gulf Inc., Franklin, $175,000.

To Michael J. Grau and Cynthia M. Grau from Michael J. Pugia and Deborah H. Pugia, Franklin, $375,000.

To Susan A. Smith and Cathy Dudzinski from Larry R. Hazen, executor of the estate of Barbara J. Hazen, Dickinson/Moira, zero dollars.

To Mark Rogers, Brian Rogers, Brent Rogers and Matthew Rogers from Alma Rogers, Constable, $1.

To William N. Martin and Deborah L. Martin from Wayne R. Fisher and Maria Fisher, Harrietstown, $655,000.

To Elizabeth M. Lowe from CV XXVII LLC by LongVue Mortgage Capital, Tupper Lake, $25,000.

To Peter Hagner from Peter Hagner, trustee of the Richard Edwin Hagner and Norma Julia Hagner Revocable Living Trust, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Julia Anne Lamore from Mary Jo Daniels, Tupper Lake, $65,000.

To Harold J. Hosler Jr. from Kirk M. Lamay, Debra A. Homer and Paula L. Wilson, Malone, $60,000.

To Gregory H. Marshall and Julie A. Marshall from Jill K. Guedon, Dickinson, $55,000.

To Corey Fleury and Daniella Fleury from Harold Webb and Martha Webb, Moira, $80,000.

To North Country Habitat for Humanity from Jeffrey Reyome and Cynthia Reyome, Bangor, $1.

To Brittany S. Murphy from Rebecca Jo VanNess, executrix of the estate of David T. VanNess, Malone, $83,500.


Here's a list of land transactions in Franklin County from July 24 to 28, 2017. The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents at the Franklin County Clerk's office: 

To Eric D. Barney and Amanda L. Baker from Allen C. Miller, Moira, $60,000.

To Rockhurst Living Trust from Peter Fetterolf and Lucy T. Fetterolf, Bellmont, zero dollars.

To Jason Malark and Courtney Malark from Michele Dussaulx, Chateaugay, $200,000.

To Richard A. Trudeau and Carolyn M. Trudeau from Alan L. Zaur and Karen B. Zaur, Brighton, $370,000.

To Zheng Chen from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Malone, $17,000.

To Jonathan P. Boyea from Evan M. Champagne, administrator of the estate of Kenneth A. Champagne, Duane, $58,000.

To Jeremy Roger Payne from David W. Staudt, Duane, $20,000.

To Franklin County from Susan M. Fish, administrarix of the estate of Marion T. Boyea, Malone, zero dollars.

To Jeremiah St. Louis, Nicole St. Louis from Alyssa N. Randig and Renee J. Hooker, formerly known as Renee J. Boyle, Harrietstown, $347,000.

To Robert Miller from Shirley Taylor, Burke, $19,000.

To Frederick W. Arcadi from Mary Jane Lashomb and Bernadette W. Arcadi, Dickinson, $1.

To Danielle L. Bonesteel from Ellen S. Legault as successor trustee of the Mary Ellen Abbott Living Trust, Malone, $112,500.

To Citizens Bank from Thomas A. Grue, Esq., referee, Mary L. Robideau formerly known as Mary Lavarnway and Edward R. Russell Jr., Moira, $145,112.24.

To Glenn R. Martin from Ronald A. Martin, Tupper Lake, zero dollars (4).

To Desiree Lawrence and Corey Spinner from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Bangor, $58,000.

To Federal National Mortgage Assoc. from Matthew Evans Douthat, Esq., referee, Timothy R. Huskins, Kari L. Huskins, et al, Bangor, $127,710.72.

To Melvin Jay Beachy from Paul Meldum and Jane Burke, $10,000.

To Christine Marie Aardal from Debra J. Potter formerly known as Debra J. Masch, Bellmont, $52,000.

To Tyler Marshall from Marie L. Marshall, sole heir at law of Alan William Marshall, Malone, $5,000.

To Robert Whiting Raymond and Anne Lewis Raymond as trustees of the Raymond Living Trust from Edward G. Hixson and Karen A. Hixson, Harrietstown, $1,400,000.

To Secretary of Veterans Affairs from Pennymac Loan Services LLC, Westville, $1.

To Douglas Kehl from Donna Lichti, Franklin, $73,000.

To James F. Bertrand Jr. from Joseph L. Stickney, Bellmont, zero dollars.

To Michael R. Lyeth and Robert J. Lyeth from Robert R. Lyeth, Harrietstown, $1.

To Michael R. Lyeth and Robert J. Lyeth from Lyeth Sales and Construction Co. Inc., Harrietstown, $1.

To Karin E. Ryan from Royce D. Cole, Tupper Lake, $84,000.

To Tanner A. Nason and Katlynn M. Recore from Paul N. Loiselle, Dickinson, $34,000.

To Michael S. Pinard and Michele R. Pinard from Judith C. McCartney, Tupper Lake, $280,000.

To Holly Stevens and Steven T. Vassar II from Holly Stone, Malone, $1.

To Jon E. Altvater from Philip S. Durkin and Kathleen Durkin, Malone, $93,000.

To Andrew W. Stone and Morgan M. Fountain from Robert C. Hodge and Keri K. Gardner, Malone, $220,040.

To Gabriel J. Decoteau from Ernest J. Decoteau and Melodee A. Decoteau, Bangor, zero dollars.

To Anne Jo Trickey and Randall S. Trickey from John D. Follette and Jane Follette, Dickinson, $1.

To Chris J. Farnsworth from Melissa A. Farnsworth, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.


Here's a list of land transactions in Franklin County from July 31 to Aug. 4, 2017. The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents at the Franklin County Clerk's office: 

To Jeremy A. McCasland and Ashleigh M. McCasland from Harold W. McCasland, Constance V. Romano, Audrey Miller, John A. McCasland, Miyolo McCasland and Craig McCasland, Harrietstown, $55,000.

To Mark W. Hastings from Mark W. Hastings and Joy A. Hastings, Moira, $1.

To Edmund T. Zysik III from John Bernard Hardy Jr., Malone, $250,000.

To Thomas Nash and Paula Ann Nash from Leavitt Farms, Inc., Brighton, $13,300.

To Thomas Nash and Paula Ann Nash from Thomas Nash and Paula Ann Nash, Brighton, $1.

To Castlerock 2017 LLC from JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, Chateaugay, $9,608.

To Mark A. McCoy and Megan E. McCoy from Lorna R. Lacombe, Malone, $90,000.

To PT Property Holdings LLC from Lynne M. Miscedra and Dianne C. Sinon, Santa Clara, $105,000.

To Mary Daniels from Art Charland and Terrie G. White Charland, Harrietstown, $50,000.

To Sara J. Jaeger from Jeffrey Dickson, Franklin, $320,000.

To Joseph Islas Atkinson and Katelyn May Hewitt from Lee Moore, trustee of the Carolyn Burman 2017 Irrevocable Trust, Franklin, $65,000.

To Matthew Ellison and Alyson B. Johnson from Nicole L. Weber, Malone, $295,500.

To Scott Dibble and Jessica Dibble from Marilyn Tatro, individually and as surviving tenant by the entirety of Stephen J. Tatro, Constable, $140,000.

To Cook & Stumpf LLC from Village of Saranac Lake, Harrietstown, $3,500.

To Niomie Sharon Martin from Mildred Derosier, individually and as surviving tenant by the entirety with J. Albert Derosier, Brandon, $1.

To Daniel H. Holmlund from Simone Vachon, Tupper Lake, $45,000.

To Andy Mast and Sylvia Mast from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Constable, $91,834.

To Richard D. Groleau Jr. and Quincy A. Viau from Theresa E. Viau, Fort Covington, zero dollars.

To Rita Dustin, Bernard McElwain Jr., Jacolyn Montville and Minka Lembke from Marjorie E. McElwain, Bombay/Fort Covington, zero dollars.

To MTGLQ Investors LP from Richard V. Manning, Esq., referee, and Chris A. Travers, Westville, $163,196.76.

To Herman D. Beachy from Allen W. Miller and Elizabeth Ann Miller, Burke, $13,000.

To Bilow Farms Realty LLC from John W. Annis, Burke, $11,000.

To Bilow Farms Realty LLC from Andrew V. Bilow, Bellmont, $80,000.

To Jamie P. Perru and Sandra L. Perry from Laurie A. Kennedy, individually and as surviving joint tenant with Kelly E. Chodat, Malone, $77,080.

To Nicholas D. Taylor and Cara Jean Mathers from Candace M. Weaver, Tupper Lake, $86,000.

To Peter Morrill and Nancy Morrill from Christopher J. Alcocer, Brighton, $362,000.

To Donna M. Reyome from Edward A. Ritzmann and Janice M. Ritzmann, Westville, zero dollars.

To Otterco LLC from Community Bank, Tupper Lake, $100,000.

To Chester A. Kutscher and Felecia B. Kutscher from Chester A. Kutscher and Felecia B. Kutscher, Malone, zero dollars.

To ADK Real Property LLC from Kenneth I. Hunt Harrietstown, $395,000.

To US Bank Trustee from Thomas Grue, Esq., referee, David Hubbell and Mary Hubbell, Harrietstown, $505,685.03.

To Kelly Tavernia from Edwin Attaway and Hannah Attaway, Dickinson, $106,000.

To Deborah L. Brice from Deborah L. Brice, Santa Clara, zero dollars.

To Matthew L. Leroux from Stephen M. Leroux, Fort Covington, zero dollars.

To Ryan Durfee and Cassi Durfee from Barry Hall, Tupper Lake, $100,00.

To Steven A. Charland II and Lacey V. Charland from Benjamin Scheidegger and Ashley Scheidegger, Malone, $76,500.

To Brent Allen Newtown from Dawn Morey Connolly and Dawn Marie Morey, Fort Covington, $1.

To J.R. Mandish from Bruce W. Foote Jr., Malone, $32,000.

To Dominic Gaurin from Amy Thompson, Frank Pindar, Schuyler Pindar, individually and sole surviving heirs of Anne W. Pindar and Schuyler C. Pindar, Steven Wilson, Thomas Wilson, Mark Wilson, individually and sole surviving heirs of Keith E. Wilson and Harriet E. Wilson, and James W. Smith, individually and surviving tenant by the entirety of Raymond C. Smith, Bangor, $1.

To Shawn Labelle from Timothy H. Montgomery and Ellen M. Montgomery, Bangor, $20,000.

To Kimberly A. Callaghan from Bruce V. Callaghan and Kimberly A. Callaghan, Franklin, zero dollars.

To Ramon H. Carela and Linda L. Grady from Leavitt Farms Inc., Brighton $3,950.

To Linda L. Grady and Ramon H. Carela from Ramon H. Carela and Linda L. Grady, Brighton, zero dollars.

To Adirondack MT Land LLC from Franklin Smith and Mary Alice Smith, Franklin, $65,000.

To Christopher A. Monaco and Emily B. Monaco from Curtis F. Stiles and Patricia E. Wills, Harrietstown, $335,000.

To Timmy L. Martin and Kristie M. Webber from Timmy L. Martin, Moira, $1.

To DSV SPV3 LLC from Kaja Holdings 2 LLC, Tupper Lake, $10.


Here's a list of land transactions in Franklin County from Aug. 7 to 11, 2017. The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents at the Franklin County Clerk's office: 

To Harry J. Stuart as trustee of the Harry J. Stuart 2015 Revocable Trust from Harry J. Stuart, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Royce D. Cole from Jessica M. Cole from William A. Foley and Dianna L. Foley, Tupper Lake, $159,900.

To Brian Schwartz and Kathleen Schwartz from Wilfred T. Lemon, Franklin, $44,500.

To Darci L. Hart from William J. Sullivan and Cora E. Sullivan, Malone, $95,000.

To Steve Reiss from L.J.K. Drake, Brighton, $390,000.

To Stephanie Kemp from Michael D. Richards, Susan N. Forkey, Jeanne Szczyt, Terry A. Richards, Steven A. Richards, Sandra Van Deusen, Jeffrey Richards and Lori Everson, Malone, $90,000.

To Cheru Family Limited Partnership from Brian Stewart, Esq., referee and Thomas Lawson, Susan Lawson, Daniel J. Carlin, trustee of the Daniel Carlin Trust, Tupper Lake, $190,753.

To Shane M. Brady and Ann F. Brady from Myron J. Brady, Westville, zero dollars.

To Erroll E. Cook, Francene M. Cook and Carissa A. Cook from Erroll E. Cook, Francene M. Cook, individually and as surviving joint tenants with right of survivorship with Ray Cook, Chateaugay, zero dollars.

To Michael P. Behringer from Fannie Mae, Harrietstown, $43,000.

To  Michael P. Behringer from Fannie Mae, Harrietstown, $53,000.

To Jeremiah J. Woods and Brittany Rottier from Cindy Haig Woods, Westville, $1.

To Michael W. Kelley and Jenna C. Kelley from Terry Charland and Judy Charland, Westville, $192,500.

To David Tarbell and Marilyn Kay Jock Tarbell from Marie Keddy, executrix of the estate of Gerald F. Jock, Fort Covington, zero dollars.

To Travis Pritchard and Tim Carter from Hubert C. Schickel, Malone, $250,000.

To Michael Johnson and Terri Redmond from Gary Hart and Jean Hart, Malone, $211,150.

To Kyle M. Labare and Barbara J. Labare from Thomas E. Dwyer and Margaret F. Dwyer, Chateaugay, $197,000.

To TL Quinn LLC from Anthony J. Quinn and Lynn M. Quinn, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To Allen Jacobs and Kimberli L. Wylie from Anthony M. David, Fort Covington, $103,000.

To 33 Leona LLC from Eric T. Bennett, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Heidi Ashline from Nicholas R. Ashline and Heidi Lanthier also known as Heidi Ashline, Constable, zero dollars.

To Nathan Favreau and Jori Favreau from Barbara Silman, Tupper Lake, $35,000.

To Daniel R. Lefebvre, Dean D. Lefebvre and Kathleen K. Lefebvre from Dean K. Lefebvre and Kathleen K. Lefebvre, Tupper Lake, $75,000.

To Edward Francis Gorko and Mary Ann Gorko from Seth D. Freedman and Julia S. Freedman, Brighton, $430,000.

To William J. Menke III, Stephen Menke, Lance Menke and Richard Menke from William J. Menke III, Stephen Menke, Lance Menke, Richard Menke, Ruth Ann Lang, Jennifer L. Schmittling, being sole heirs of William J. Menke Jr. and Elizabeth J. Menke, Bangor, $1.

To Adrienne M. Donaldson from Robert A. Donaldson Jr., Harrietstown, $1.

To Matthew Backus from Brian S. Stewart, Esq., referee, and Andrea O'Keefe, Malone, $23,000.

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