Here's a list of land transactions in Essex County from May 8 to 12, 2017. The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents at the Essex County Clerk's office: 

To Paul Rose and Lisa Norton from Stephen Van Cortlandt Wilberding Revocable Trust, by Teri A. Hansen and Benjamin R. Hanan, Esq., co-trustees, Keene, $685,000.

To Daniel Badger and Dylan Badger from Robert K. Hues, Chesterfield, $130,000.

To Curtis J. Loreman from Moore Family Real Estate LLC, Chesterfield, $79,500.

To Patrick Chevier Jr. and Karen Chevier from Bryan L. Corwin and Patricia J. Corwin, Ticonderoga, $185,000.

To Jeffrey S. Bartkoski and Margaret M. Bartkoski from Isadore Zaneski, Schroon, $120,000.

To John R. Fuschillo from John Fuschillo Jr. and Michael Fuschillo, sole heirs at law of Paulette Fuschillo, North Elba, zero dollars.

To Shelly Mero from Elizabeth A. Francois, Elizabethtown, $240,000.

To Pamela H. Bishop from Lisa K. Brennan, North Elba, $4,000.

To Thomas M. Bebee and Kathryn G. Bebee from Robert Logan Phinney, Linda Sue Martin and William D. Kilburn, Elizabethtown, $145,000.

To Dean M. Bianco from Julia W. Brown executrix of the last will and testament of Eugene E. Webster, Lewis, $82,000.

To Carrieanne Scharr from Mikel Bennett, Ticonderoga, zero dollars.

To Aaron Anderson and Kate Sears from Peter R. Mendelsohn, Wilmington, $168,000.

To Tisha McKiernan and James McKiernan from Tisha McKiernan, administrator of the estate of Tracy Sprague, Moriah, $10,000.

To Richard J. Donovan from Edward Yanchitis, North Elba, $500,000.

To Harry J. Richards and Danuta B. Richards, trustees, Harry & Danuta Richards 2017 Revocable Trust from Harry J. Richards, Elizabethtown, zero dollars (2).

To Steven J. Martin from June F. Chilton, Moriah, $78,000.

To Shawn K. Patane, Jocelyn M. Gavitt, Brett A. Patane, trustees of John A. Patane and Diane L. Patane Irrevocable Trust, from John A. Patane and Diane L. Patane, North Elba, zero dollars.

To Kyle O. Wrisley from Jay M. Pooler, administrator of the estate of Margaret Marie Pooler, Essex, $19,200.

To Brian D. Netter and Karen L. Dunn from Hukweem LLC and Sutherland ADK Holdings LLC,  North Elba, $1,725,000.

To Marion Fauske from Marion Fauske and Robert J. Fauske, Schroon, zero dollars.

To U.S. Bank Trust National Association as trustee of American Homeowner Preservation Trust from Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Ticonderoga, zero dollars.

To Susan M. Johnson from U.S. Bank Trust NA, Ticonderoga, $27,000.

To Linda T. Brode from Linda T. Brode, administrator of the estate of John Morrell, Wilmington, zero dollars.

To Linda T. Brode from Linda T. Brode, administrator of the estate of John Morrell, Jay, zero dollars.

To Heather L. Strickland from Austin J. Bassette, St. Armand, $7,000.

To Ann Marie Tursky, Joseph F. Tursky III and John Tursky from Ann Marie Bean also known as Ann Marie Tursky, and Joseph F. Tursky II, co-executors of the last will and testament of Sylvia A. Tursky, Moriah, $1.

To Richard Obiol from Richard Obiol, Maria Obiol and Raymond Obiol, Willsboro, zero dollars.

To Herbert Bashaw from Herbert Bashaw and Ann W. Bashaw, Jay, zero dollars.

To Maryann W. Goldman from Maryann Goldman, Suzanne Montalbano, Robert Walker and Patricia Ordway, Minerva, $25,000.

To Dawn M. Souza and Robert Souza from Cathleen M. Burnell and Scott T. MacAllister, Schroon, $52,000.

To Daniel A. Winckler and Chelsea L. Walker from Stanley T. Trela and Angela R. Blackman, Wilmington, $175,000.

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