Here's a list of land transactions in Essex County from June 26 to 30, 2017. The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents at the Essex County Clerk's office: 

To Randall J. Palmer and Diane L. Gulbrandsen from Leesa M. Camerota now known as Leesa M. Arthur, Schroon, $143,500.

To Wilmington Savings Fund Society from Henry J. Hart IV, also known as Henry Joseph Hart IV, and Suzanne J. Hart, also known as Susan Justine Hart and formerly known as Susan Justine Gill, Jay, $63,900.

To Federal National Mortgage Association from Shane M. Bombard and Brittany M. Brown, Jay, $65,673.72.

To Genevieve White, Jessica Ruberti and Diana Koehler-Nachamkin from Brenda Jones, North Elba, zero dollars (4).

To Thomas J. Rose and Antoinette E. Rose from Craig Randall, as executor of the last will and testament of Beverly A. Sprague, North Elba, $199,000.

To Peter Roy and Tracy L. Roy from Walter E. Ellis, North Elba, $45,000.

To Virginia Servilio and Robert Wainwright from John Lindemann and Caroline Lindemann, Jay, $82,000.

To Phillipe E. Demello from Kenneth M. Demello, Willsboro, zero dollars.

To Owen Smith and Amy C. Reinke from Marsha M. Morgan, North Elba, $75,000.

To Amy M. Mulligan and Daniel F. Mulligan from Daniel F. Mulligan, North Elba, zero dollars.

To John R. Cappione and Nancy A. Cappione from Pamela E. Peper and Edward J. Peper II also known as Edward J. Peper Jr., trustees under the Pamela E. Peper Living Trust, North Elba, $395,000.

To Ryan C. Blanchard from Amanda Cafaro Mancha, St. Armand, $140,000.

To Timothy Donovan and Carol Donovan from Mary Lou Parish, North Elba, $4,000.

To David W. Birdsall and Nancy Gucker Birdsall from Augur Lake Realty Corp., Chesterfield, $1.

To James E. Galati and Kelli A. Galati from Michael L. Thibdeau and Lynn M. Thibdeau, Schroon, $305,000.

To James M. Matthews and Kimberly L. Matthews from Thomas J. Matthews and Christina Matthews, Elizabethtown, zero dollars.

To Thomas W. Zurhellen from J. Owen Zurhellen III and Kathleen M. Zurhellen, Crown Point, zero dollars.

To Christian Thompson from Ross Maxwell Dalton, Ticonderoga, $47,000.

To William R. MacDougal Jr. from William R. MacDougal Sr., Moriah, $1.

To Oliver A. Quayle IV from Randall L. Quayle, Westport, zero dollars.

To Honradez Investment Group from US Bank Trust, Ticonderoga, $14,700.

To Michael Goddeau and Mindy Goddeau from Katherine A. Long and Mitchell B. Horine, Jay, $13,200.

To Dygert Real Estate Holding Corp from George W. Rosenvold, Chesterfield, zero dollars.

To Dygert Real Estate Holding Corp from Dean E. Frady and Kelly P. Frady, Chesterfield, zero dollars.

To Bel Precision Inc. from Dygert Real Estate Holding Corp, Gerald H. Dygert and Ellen J. Dygert, Chesterfield, $175,000.

To John C. Burggraf from Jane R. Burggraf and Frank B. Burggraf Jr., North Elba, zero dollars.

To Lake Placid Club Lodgers Owners Association from John C. Burggraf, North Elba, zero dollars.

To Dale L. Hull and Kimberly S. Hull from Dale Lawrence Hull, Wilmington, zero dollars.

To Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from Pennymac Loan Services LLC, Ticonderoga, $1.

To Dalene A. White and David A. White from Joan Cassidy White, Jay, zero dollars.

To Sara K. McAlister and Johnie Ray McAlister Jr. from Sara O. McAlister, North Hudson, zero dollars.

To Tonya M. Wiggins from Cindy Morrow Williams, Sara Jane Wheat, Marie Simpson Morrow, Scott Morrow, Joy Houston Morrow, Paul Morrow, Carlton Crowningshield, Marilyn Sitts, being sole heirs and next of kin of George Morrow, Chesterfield, zero dollars.

To Courtney Dunmire and Erika Dunmire from Karen Dunmire, Wilmington, $1.

To Erica Neufeld from David Henry and Erica Neufeld, St. Armand, $1.

To Anna S. Sherman from Anna S. Sherman and Nancy A. Sherman, trustees under the Gordon L. Sherman and Anna S. Sherman Revocable Living Trust, Westport, zero dollars.

To Nancy A. Sherman from Anna S. Sherman, Westport, zero dollars.

To John W. Kreuger from Judith A. Conley formerly known as Judith A. Estes, Chesterfield, $117,000.

To Pamela C. Gittler from Robert J. Kopyc and Joan A. Kopyc, Willsboro, $132,500.

To Sylvia C. Bennati from Jeffrey Cyrus and Mckaylah Cyrus, Chesterfield, $133,000.


Here's a list of land transactions in Essex County from July 3 to 7, 2017. The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents at the Essex County Clerk's office: 

To Leonard T. Onesto from Deborah A. Trovato, Crown Point, zero dollars.

To Peter Arthur Weyrauch and Jacqueline Joy Weyrauch from Jeremiah B. Brinkman and Rebekah L. Brinkman, Moriah, $145,000.

To Zuzana Caplan from Andrew Kaplay, North Elba, zero dollars.

To Howard S. Smith and Christina A. Smith from Donald J. Smith, trustee of the amendment and restatement of the Charles H. Smith Revocable Trust, Ticonderoga, zero dollars.

To Charles McKeown and David McKeown from Michael Fuller, Ticonderoga, $98,580.

To Brent H. Morrow from Kathleen Ladieu, Chesterfield, zero dollars.

To Robert T. Gettens Irrevocable Trust and the Sue Ellen Gettens Irrevocable Trust from Robert T. Gettens Irrevocable Trust and the Sue Ellen Gettens Irrevocable Trust, Wilmington, zero dollars.

To Prescott House ADK LLC from Steven D. Hilbert, North Elba, $600,000.

To Anthony Macey and Barbara L. Macey from Amy K. Catanzarita, Ticonderoga, $20,000.

To Belinda L. Robinson Bruce and Jason D. Bruce from Duncan G. Robertson, Frances M. Robertson, Belinda Fuller Robinson Bruce and Colleen M. Robertson Palmertree, Chesterfield/Jay/Willsboro, zero dollars.

To Clinton B. Griffin and Karen M. Griffin from Calvin H. Carr, Crown Point, $43,000.

To Clinton B. Griffin and Karen M. Griffin from Calvin H. Carr, Crown Point, $1.

To John Owens and Nora Owens from Calvin H. Carr, Crown Point, $20,000.

To Russell D. Izzo and Gabrielle S. Izzo from Anne Marie Blanchette, Ticonderoga, $107,900.

To Thomas M. Scharf and Jason J. Scharf from Michael J. Busko, North Elba, $38,000.

To Sabrina M. Westover from Sandra Hammond, Lewis, $102,500.

To NYC REO LLC from Raymond J. Burroughs and Wendy A. Forand, Ticonderoga, $2,100.

To Andrew Burns Rasmus and Katherine Ann Rasmus from Dominick M. Ida Jr., Moriah, $51,500.

To Jambs 6476 Main LLC from SAL LLC, Westport, $87,500.

To Island Source III LLC from US Bank, Schroon, $48,000.

To Innovation Now LLC from Michael Paul Lawless, executor of the last will and testament of Ginger L. Hughes, St. Armand, $60,000.

To Daniel P. Wachowski and Sally L. Wachowski from Carl J. Pareti, North Hudson, $48,000.

To Charles E. Moisan Jr., MD, from Marjorie M. Liddy, Elizabethtown, $35,000.


Here's a list of land transactions in Essex County from July 10 to 14, 2017. The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents at the Essex County Clerk's office:

To Michael A. Edwards and Meaghan A. Merdinger from Idomina J. Falorca, Jay, $152,000.

To Christopher Jones and Deena Jones from US Bank Trust, Minerva, $81,000.

To Global Premier Asset Management LLC from Fannie Mae, Moriah, $9,810.

To US Bank Trust from Randy Stoddard and Roberta Stoddard, Moriah, $68,101.45.

To Robert Lane Johnson and Susan W. Johnson from Ruth E. Richards, North Elba, $515,000.

To David Piotrowski and Leslie Piotrowski from Judith S. Morris, Newcomb, $78,000.

To Brian D. Quinn and Diane E. Quinn from Kevin J. Oday and Lisa M. Oday, Elizabethtown, $283,500.

To Janice B. Johnson, trustee of the Johnson Family Trust from Debra Denicola, Schroon, $365,000.

To Ricardo E. Lopez-Molina and Jeremy L. Whipple, Schroon, $111,500.

To David M. Martyn and Stefanie A. Martyn from David J. Sheehan, Willsboro, $39,000.

To Robert E. Hazen and Yuan Ding from Chad Crowningshield and Danielle M. Crowningshield, Lewis, $50,000.

To Noli A. Bingel and Ruby L. Salley trustees of the Constance Hamilton Irrevocable House Trust, from Connie M. Hamilton, Chesterfield, zero dollars.

To Adam Richard Klyczek from Bruce W. Ritchie and Susan C. Ritchie, Jay, $110,000.

To Wee Haus LLC from Jay R. Schumacher, North Elba, $167,500.

To Brian Liam Kennelly and Courtney Bubner from William P. Doyle, North Elba, $167,000.

To Sara G. Dow and Jason W. Morgan from Walter E. Morgan, Willsboro, zero dollars.

To Jeremy R. Beaudette and Jennifer Beaudette from Christel M. MacDougal, Willsboro, $122,500.

To Brenda Timm, Scott Randall Timm and Kerry Warren Timm from Brenda Timm, Scott Randall Timm and Kerry Warren Timm, heirs at law and next of kin of Warner M. Timm, Willsboro, zero dollars.

To Rachel Day from Julie Favro, Chesterfield, $160,000.

To Todd Smith from Todd Smith, Tina Smith and Guy Smith, Keene, zero dollars.

To Ronald L. Ashe and Linda J. Ashe from Todd Smith, Tina Smith and Guy Smith, Keene, $30,000.

To Ronald L. Ashe and Linda J. Ashe from Ronald L. Ashe and Linda J. Ashe, Keene, zero dollars.

To John M. Reilly and Edna Mae C. Reilly from Robert E. Becker, Jay, $152,500.

To Charles P. Marshall from Charles Paul Marshall Jr., Aaron Williston Marshall and Joel Lee Marshall, North Elba, zero dollars.

To Oak Room Associates LLC from Charles P. Marshall, North Elba, $500,000.

To North Country Development Group LLC from Mattig Inc., Chesterfield, $4,225.

To Joseph M. Kennedy and Susan L. Kennedy from North Country Development Group LLC, Chesterfield, $55,000.

To James H. Jaquish Jr. and Stacie A. Jaquish from Laura E. Jaquish, Moriah, $1.

To Douglas C. Cochran IV, Douglas C. Cochran Jr. and Marjorie Cochran from Matthew Crane and Marnie Crane, St. Armand, $15,000.

To Steven Popp and Carrie Popp from Klaus Wachter and Shirley Wachter, Moriah, $75,000.

To Brian E. Sullivan and Brenda L. Sullivan from Brian E. Sullivan, Minerva, zero dollars.

To Robin L. Schelle from Megan Funk, North Elba, $100,000.

To John Humiston and Anne Kathleen Humiston from R. Bruce Stephen and Katherine Broderick Stephen, trustees of the R. Bruce Stephen Trust, North Elba, $22,000.

To Aaron Jamison and Patrick M. Walsh from Aaron Jamison, Patrick M. Walsh and Jesse Walsh Jamison, Keene, zero dollars.

To Chad Pierson and Melissa Pierson from Teresa M. McElwee, successor trustee of Donald B. McElwee 2008 Revocable Trust and Neal B. McElwee, Minerva, $120,000.

To Richard Molloy and Amy E. Molloy from Larry E. Stephenson and Joseph E. Cavaluzzi, North Hudson, $385,000.

To Thomas Manfred, Marc Manfred and Charles Manfred from Thomas W. McDonald, North Hudson, $1.

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