Here's a list of land transactions in Essex County from June 19 to 23, 2017. The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents at the Essex County Clerk's office: 

To Owen J. Taylor, as trustee of the James W. Taylor and Audrey C. Taylor Irrevocable Living Trust from James W. Taylor and Audrey C. Taylor, Wilmington, zero dollars.

To Richard W. Grinnell Jr. and Laurie L. Grinnell from Stephen Teer and Kelly O'Neil Terr, Ticonderoga, $21, 500.

To Ronald J. Caponera from Ronald J. Caponera, executor of the estate of Susan Caponera, Newcomb, zero dollars.

To Edward A. Gibbs and Amanda Gibbs from Edward A. Gibbs, North Elba, zero dollars.

To Mark F. Pratt and Sarah E. Pratt from Janice M. Mullarney, North Elba, $170,000.

To Jeffrey Antonetti from Town of Moriah, Moriah, zero dollars.

To David H. Louer and Anne R. Louer from Shaun T. Brennan, Schroon, $209,000.

To Jordan E. Sauter and  Sarah Hough Sauter from Mary Katherine Wehrhagen and Harold Wehrhagen, Jay, $7,500.

To Richard L. Gould from Thomas Gorthey, Moriah, $57,500.

To Linda White Alexander, co-trustee of the Linda White Living Revocable Trust, from William Labarge and Catherine Labarge, Willsboro, $285,000.

To Charles P. Ballard from Patrick F. Gallagher and Margaret Gallagher, North Elba, $150,000.

To Charles F. Dalton and Johanna K. Dalton from Lamancha Inc., Keene, $60,000.

To Alexander C. Eaton and Margot S. Eaton from Maxwell E. Eaton Jr. and Susan F. Eaton, Alexander C. Eaton and Margot S. Eaton, Jay, zero dollars.

To Perley Smith MacKenzie Jr., Lois J. MacKenzie and Kevin B. MacKenzie from Perley Smith MacKenzie Jr., and Kevin B. MacKenzie, Jay, zero dollars.

To Roger Douglas and Amanda Muzzy from Jeanne C. Ashworth and Christine Lefevre, Jay, $99,000.

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