Here’s a list of land transactions in Clinton County from Aug. 28 to 31, 2017. The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents at the Clinton County Clerk’s office:

To Tera Reyell from Thomas R. Norris, Mooers, $104,000.

To Henry A. Cormier and Heidi H. Cormier from ACJ, Plattsburgh, $12,000.

To Henry A. Cormier and Heidi H. Cormier from  Henry A. Cormier and Heidi H. Cormier, Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Arianna Culp and Lester Culp from JP Morgan Chase Bank, Dannemora, $10,200.

To Loughan Properties LLC from Bank of New York Mellon, Plattsburgh, $50,000.

To Jeff Latinville from US Bank Trust NA, Beekmantown, $145,000.

To Kevin S. Linsley from Gerald A. Menard, Plattsburgh, $20,000.

To Agless J. Harrell III from Frederick J. Mark and Alicia F. Mark, Plattsburgh, $20,000.

To JP Morgan Chase NA from Brian Snell, Esq., referee, and Duane E. Gordon, Beekmantown, $195,770.97.

To James F. Menard from Priscilla Menard, Mooers, zero dollars (2).

To Michael James from Gillian Richards, Peru, $88,000.

To Amy J. Lopez from Nathan Couture and Stephanie M. Couture, Dannemora, $87,000.

To Richard E. Pyne, Katherine A. Perry Pyne from Richard J. Lajti and Deborah J. Lajti, Peru, $325,00.

To Elizabeth M. Begor, William B. Conners, Ethan A. Vaughn, Amanda Vaughn and Emily E. Conners from Robert W. Conners and Beverly A. Conners, Peru, zero dollars.

To Scott Myers, Joy Myers Sarbou Jubert and Illya Myers from Scott Myers, Joy Myers Sarbou Jubert and Illya Myers, Black Brook, zero dollars.

To Samuel J. McCoy and Mischell L. McCoy from Ashley B. McCoy, Mooers, zero dollars.

To Terry Delaney and Karen Delaney from Edward A. Bechard and Beverly J. Bechard, Champlain, $100,000.

To Ryan T. Latinville from Mousseau Properties LLC, City of Plattsburgh, $135,000.

To Felice Marie Cuomo from Alexander S. Gibson IV and Kirsten D.L. Pope, AuSable, $229,900.

To Renee M. Drollette from James Miller and Constance Miller, Saranac, $60,000.

To David T. Sears and Sonya J. Sears from Thomas H. Sears and Caroline E. Sears, Peru, zero dollars.

To Patrick W. Rascoe from Krista Boule, City of Plattsburgh, $100,000.

To Penni L. Smith Lamar from Penni L Smith Lamar and David A. Lamar, Peru, zero dollars.

To Kirk Fasking from Donald J. Fasking and Ann C. Fasking, Saranac, zero dollars.

To Jeremias Serrano and Tyrell Buglione from Beatrice Jefferson, Champlain, $101,500.

To Jason A. Young and Stephanie Marie Young from Donald A. Thompson and Barbara A. Thompson, Beekmantown, $205,000.

To Brandi L. Suprenant from Sinda L. Watts, Mooers, $98,000.

To Gerald P. Barber, Diane Barber, Brandon G. Barber and Joshua J. Barber from Gerald P. Barber and Diane Barber, Dannemora, zero dollars.

To Michael R. A. Lepone and Michelle Lynn Lepone from Adam S. Plumb and Stephanie R. Plumb, Champlain, $137,400.

To James E. Reidy from Julie A. Dandrow and Julie Reidy, City of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Jennifer D. Fuller from Ann McCarty and Ann M. Daly, Peru, $135,000.

To Joseph H. Carter and Rorilyn A. Carter from Andre R.J. Lafountain and Elizabeth M. Lafountain, Champlain, $43,500.

Here’s a list of land transactions in Clinton County from Sept. 1 to 8, 2017:

To Keybank Trustee of the Jessica Lasalle First Party Supplemental Needs Trust and Jessica Lasalle from Patrick Forrett and Stephen Forrett, City of Plattsburgh, $130,000.

To Ian A. Rogers from Philip G. Sherman and Mary T. Sherman, Schuyler Falls, $124,900.

To Eric J. Boulrice from Barbara L. Hunter, Frank G. Zappala, Esq., David W. Willis, Lisa D. Helmers as administrators of the estate of Diana Willis, Mooers, $44,000.

To Jordanne A. Bond from Clarence J. Bushey and Esther B. Bushey, City of Plattsburgh, $157,500.

To Emily A. Shovan from Abigail Welsh, City of Plattsburgh, $89,000.

To Tonya M. Parrotte from Bruce J. Nichols, Ellenburg, zero dollars.

To Robert L. Gallagher Jr. from Citibank NA, Altona, $162,500.

To Joseph C. Cayea and Kandy M. Cayea from Stephen Esola, Vincent Esola, Christopher Esola and Joseph A. Esola, Altona, $12,250.

To Philip Madore and Katherine Madore from Sally A. Kline, Plattsburgh, $154,500.

To William Coull and Justine Gardner from David Jenkins and Jenny A. Jenkins, City of Plattsburgh, $106,000.

To Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB from Hillary Rogers, Steward M. Patnode and Jacqueline S. Patnode, Plattsburgh, $274,641.80.

To David A. Rock and Sandra M. Rock from Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Peru, $40,000.

To Kevin S. Giddings and Katie M. Alger from Philip S. Cerne, Plattsburgh, $189,900.

To Leo Myers, Joy Myers Sarbou Jubert, Myers Property Trust Agreement from Scott Myers, Joy Myers Sarbou Jubert and Illa Myers, Black Brook, zero dollars.

To Kasey J. Curley from Lorraine M. Reeves Curley, Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Carol Lynn Brown formerly known as Carol L. Babbie from Carol Lynn Brown, Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Jean Francois Brossard and Marie Claude Gobeil from Stacie P. Snow and Daniel J. Snow, AuSable, $170,000.

To Katelynn Gitto Peryea from Pinnacle Properties LLC, $45,000.

To John Davis from James A. Kopaska and Laura R. Kopaska, City of Plattsburgh, $282,000.

To Denise Mullee from Gary A. Clukey Sr., Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Luck Brothers Inc. from Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc., Altona, $40,000.

To Thomas W. Beshaw and Keri A. Beshaw from Steven J. Stansbury, Plattsburgh, $20,000.

To Chad Rivers from RFU Realty LLC, City of Plattsburgh, $40,000.

To Kelvin B. Joyner and MaryAnn Joyner from Kelvin B. Joyner and MaryAnn Joyner, formerly known as MaryAnn Kramer, Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Mary Ann Trombley from Edward J. Trombley and Mary Ann Trombley, City of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To US Bank Trust NA from Matthew G. Favro, Esq., referee, Michael J. Sardella, Tricia H. Sardella, Peru,$200,538.39.

To Steven J. Anderson Revocable Living Trust from Caryl A. Hamel and Alexandre W. Hamel, Chazy, $70,000.

To Lake City Properties LLC from S&A Spiegel Properties Inc., Schuyler Falls, $260,000.

To Paul H. Irwin from Linda Irwin Miller, Joan Irwin Agoney, June Irwin and Paul Irwin, Peru, zero dollars.

To Joan Irwin Agoney from Linda Irwin Miller, Joan Irwin Agoney, June Irwin and Paul Irwin, Peru, zero dollars.

To Linda L. Miller from Linda Irwin Miller, Joan Irwin Agoney, June Irwin and Paul Irwin, Peru, zero dollars.

To Gordon Duprey from Gordon Duprey and Lucille Duprey, Peru, zero dollars.

To Van D. Tran from Dane M. Larsen, Plattsburgh, $199,990.

To McDuff Enterprises LLC from Constance M. Keedle and Betsy Schmid, City of Plattsburgh, $152,400.

To Larry Trombley and Crystal Trombley from Morgan L. Bennett and Robert J. Zwart, Mooers, zero dollars.

To Deborah J. Lawton and John C. Lawton Sr. from Bank of American NA, AuSable, $30,500.

To Jan C. Gaines from John A. Seymour and Melissa J. Seymour, Plattsburgh, $30,000.

To Gregory C. Bell from Kristina S. Durose and Michael Harvey, Plattsburgh, $113,732.

To Timothy B. Parker from Robert P. Hogan, Altona, $5,800.

To James D. Nelson and Rebecca L. Nelson from Anne E. Folley, Peru, $305,000.

To Donald K. Woodley and Dawn M. Woodley from Fannie Mae, Chazy, $34,000.

To Joel E. Laurin from Erica L. Bourdeau, City of Plattsburgh, $146,000.

To Wade E. Menard from Robert L. Morway and Wade E. Menard, Peru, zero dollars.

To Robert L. Morway III from Robert L. Morway and Wade E. Menard, Peru, zero dollars.

To Corbin A. Reed from Ricky A. Lyman Sr., Plattsburgh, $21,000.

To Richard Gibson Ballard from US Bank NA, Beekmantown, $32,500.

To Erik R. Graham and George Graham from Albert A. Faiella, City of Plattsburgh, $115,000.

To Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp from Matthew E. Douthat, Esq., referee, AuSable, $66,543.82.

Here’s a list of land transactions in Clinton County from Sept. 11 to 15, 2017:

To Seth M. Bombard and Shanna M. Bombard from Andrew W. Laporte and Olive I. Laporte, Dannemora, $114,300.

To Cathie Ano from Arthur Joseph Perrea, AuSable, $30,000.

To 8 South Platt Street Enterprises LLC from EW Tompkins Co. Inc., Plattsburgh City, $174,50.

To Andrew J. Deso from Casey L. Boire, Plattsburgh City, $155,000.

To Danielle Gladding from Jay Manor, Chazy, $8,800.

To Jason C. Plumadore and Jennifer L. Plumadore from William R. Sapel, Saranac, $95,000.

To Eileen Barber Allen from George Barger, Plattsburgh City, zero dollars.

To Kelsea T. Reece and Kyle Reece from EXR LLC, Peru, $69,900.

To Jason D. Pratt from Margaret M. Maughan, Chazy, $115,000.

To 5M Properties LLC from Frank C. Zappala, Esq., executor of the estate of Stephen H. A. Booker, Plattsburgh City, $44,000.

To Federal National Mortgage Association from Reginald H. Bedell, referee, Heather M. Gardner and Leslie A. Gardner, Ellenburg, $189,123.90.

To Kaitlyn Breton and Dustin Breton from Thomas Durocher, Beekmantown, $137,000.

To Clarkson R. Thorne from Clarkson R. Thorne and Kelly J. Clark Thorne, Beekmantown, zero dollars.

To Amanda Finckel from Nicholas J. Evanovich III, Plattsburgh, $141,000.

To Albert E. Pellerin from Michael A. Jones, Beekmantown, $10,000.

To Kristopher S. Cross and Julia H. Cross from Heritage Homes NY LLC, Plattsburgh, $259,200.

To Carrie A. Lamora and Philip Avanzato IV from Michele L. Trible Sileo, Peru, $150,000.

To Eric Nolette and Pamela Nolette from Alberta Nolette, Brenda J. Nolette and Richard A. Nolette, Champlain, $70,000.

To John Gleason and Vasiliki Gleason from Thanh Nguyen and Nganha Vo, Champlain, $187,000.

To Robin A. Fortsch from Kimberly Davis, temporary public administrator of the estate of Philip Robert Fortsch III, Champlain, $52,684.

To Nathan Couture and Stephanie Couture from Rick M. Kin and Louise B. Lavoie now known as Louise B. King, Plattsburgh, $184,000.

To Terry L. Bashaw and Gail K. Bashaw from Freeman Supley, Plattsburgh, $16,000.

To Zebulin H. Edwards and Stephanie A. Rush Edwards from Guy Francis Edwards, Peru, zero dollars.

To Linda L. Dupee and Brent Dupee from Sherry J. White, Cynthia Hart, Nicole Hart Facteau, Crystal Hart and Wilcott Hart, Black Brook, $73,000.

To Joseph L. Leclair from Joseph R. Corrall Jr., Dannemora, $6,000.

To Jason D. Monette from Shirley L. Cole and William C. Cole, Clinton, $4,500.

To Robert A. Brault and Lawrence A. Pellerin Jr. from Lawrence A. Pellerin Sr. and Eva Pellerin, Black Brook, zero dollars.

To Beth Dumas from Alison Armstrong Zantana, Plattsburgh City, $120,000.

To Benjamin M. Katzman from Judy Walker and Nancy Kourofsky, Dannemora, $65,000.

To Alice Forbes from David Call Sr. and Penny L. Call, AuSable, $85,000.

To Amy Lynn Wood, Lisa Marie Charland and Tanya Lee Goddeau from Nancy Mero, Schuyler Falls, zero dollars.

To Alyssa Lacey from John J. Alexander, Plattsburgh, $22,000.

To Charles L. Jarvis Jr. and Bonnie J. Jarvis from Dorothy Thompson, Laura L. McLean and James E. Vassar, AuSable, $50,000.

To Stacy R. Lesinski and Steven L. Lesinski from Brian Tousignant and Lisa Tousignant, Chazy, $161,500.

To Taylor A. Tarasavage from Ji Chen and Chun Xia Yang, Plattsburgh City, $98,000.

To M Garrand Properties LLC from Bernadette Zelent, Plattsburgh City, $115,000.

To Forrence Cold Storage Inc. from Forrence Orchards Inc., Peru, $40,000.

To Robert Clisby from Brian A. Snell, Esq., referee, Marina Gray and Walter L. Gray, Plattsburgh City, $110,440.

To Richard Cassidy and Kristine M. Cassidy from Francis Taitt Jr., Saranac, $6,000.

To Shawn M. Downs and Christine L. Sampson Downs from Alice Marx, Plattsburgh, $270,000.

To James Miner and Nancy Miner from Peter R. Mitchell and Jacqueline M. Mitchell, Plattsburgh, $210,000.

Here’s a list of land transactions in Clinton County from Sept. 18 to 22, 2017:

To James R. Marlow and Tania Marlow from Ada Beresford and Carl Reinke, Dannemora, $140,000.

To Gordon Edwards from Fred Atkinson Sr. and Marian J. Atkinson, Saranac, $5,000.

To Donald Edmund Orpen Jr. from Richard Gardner and Lisa Gardner, Peru, $50,000.

To Christopher G. Sartoris and Terri A. Sartoris from Winter Lane LLC, Plattsburgh, $303,700.

To Charles A. Kruger from Shawn M. Downs and Christine L. Sampson Downs, Plattsburgh City, $260,000.

To Timothy Surpitski and Daniel Schneider from Joanne Matott and Steven L. Matott, Beekmantown, $35,000.

To Brandon K. Johnson and Meghan B. Johnson from Queens Park Oval Asset Holding Trust, AuSable, $57,500.

To Alan J. Labombard and Carrie L. Labombard from Frederick J. Parent Jr., Peru, $110,920.

To Fannie Mae from Matthew K. Pelkey and John B. Wever, AuSable, $157,224.23.

To William E. Barcomb Jr. and Meghan Dowd from Lorrielle Racette and Sieanna Bombardier, Champlain, $42,200.

To JP Morgan Chase Bank NA from Joseph Lavorando, Esq., and Ricky I. Rascoe, Saranac, $87,306.97.

To Kevin C. Murnane from James J. Miner and Nancy A. Miner, Saranac, $121,260.

To Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB Christiana Trust from Gary L. Favro, Esq., referee, and Dale D. Rabideau, Mooers, $146,871.02.

To Steven E. Hansen from Jeffrey M. Horne and Sun T. Horne, Mooers, $70,000.

To Marion M. Hudson from Scott Snyder, Saranac, $126,500.

To Neil J. Rabideau from Mark A. Seymour, Beekmantown, $25,000.

To Patrick C. Korths and Tiffany L. Korths from Michael L. Northrup, Peru, $312,500.

To James D. Reed and Dawn M. Reed from Robert W. Kline and Joyce S. Kline, Plattsburgh City, $185,000.

To Susan C. Lawson Revocable Trust from Susan C. Lawson, Beekmantown, zero dollars.

To Jason W. Lavarnway from James A. Terry, Saranac, $123,300.

To Federal National Mortgage Association from Bryan J. Hughes, Esq., and Diana Atkinson, Schuyler Falls, $62,233.40.

To Bank of New York Mellon from Matthew Evans Douthat, Esq., referee, Dana Green and Michael Green, Mooers, $122,581.84.

To Jarrell A. Barton from Jarrell A. Barton and Susan M. Barton, AuSable, zero dollars.

To Peter T. Lannon from Jeffery J. Connell and Maureen A. Provost, Schuyler Falls, $135,000.

To Judy L. Kelley and Carrie Seller from Nathan Seller and Carrie Seller, Champlain, zero dollars.

To Joshua A. Laware and Susan E. Laware from Joshua A. Laware and Susan E. Laware, Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Peter Mitchell and Jacqueline Mitchell from Kristina Coryea, Plattsburgh City, $148,000.

To Donald C. Moore and Haila J. Conant from Michael S. Farrell and Stephen R. Farrell, Plattsburgh City, $13,000.

To Melissa Ann Peck from Thomas E. Breyette Jr., Plattsburgh, $79,414.

To Shannon Rulfs from Jonathan R. Whitmarsh and Andrea B. Whitmarsh, Peru, $187,9.

To Marie E. Campagne and Michael J. Campagne from Joseph P. Cornell and Virginia M. Cornell, Black Brook, $175,000.

To Travis J. Miller from Gregory C. Bell, Plattsburgh, $125,000.

To Alicia Eseltine from Alan Labombard, Peru, $78,000.

To Wayne F. Supernaw, Linda D. Supernaw, trustees of the Callie Irrevocable Trust from Wayne F. Supernaw and Linda D. Supernaw, Mooers, zero dollars (4).

To Wayne F. Supernaw and Linda D. Supernaw trustees of the Callie Irrevocable Trust from Wayne F. Supernaw, Mooers, zero dollars.

To Martin David Drown and Lynn M. Drown from Alfred Loka, Plattsburgh, $40,000.

To Alyssa Hansen and Jesse Juneau from Eric Nolette, Champlain, $123,405.

To Mark J. Spurlock from Marcus L. Spurlock, Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Kymberlie A. Sweenor from Ryan C. Collins, Plattsburgh, $117,000.

To Davison Dodd LLC from Allburgh Inc., zero dollars.

To Michael J. Sedgwick from Dodd Davison LLC, Clinton, $38,000.

To Paul F. Hart Jr. and Kristie L. Hart from Joshua Wright and Kaley Wright formerly known as Kaley Cardin, Peru, $205,000.

To Margo Beyer from Karen Trombley, Plattsburgh City, $125,130.

To Michael L. Donah and Brenda L Donah from June S. Venne, Saranac, $42,000.

To Todd J. Blondo and Brenda L. Donah from David A. Jubert, Altona, $18,000.

To Brandi L. Titherington, Broncie L. Burness and Linda Branham from Linda Branham and Russell Bronce Branham, Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Keybank NA from Carroll A. Bordeau, Clinton, $30,965.21.

To Hassan Adam and Karissa Adam from Melissa L. Newell, AuSable, $120,500.

To Pamela Brothers from Thomas L. Cummings, $13,000.

To Gerald J. Trombley from Doris M. Trombley, Ellenburg, zero dollars.

To Kaitlyn Timmons from Timothy Timmons and Kelly A. Timmons, Peru, zero dollars.

To Timothy Timmons from Kelly A. Timmons, Black Brook, zero dollars.

To Frederick J. Parent Jr. and Kelly L. Parent from Matthew B. Gonyo and Tara Gonyo, Altona, $213,000.

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