B-Town Grad Bash

Cheering community members lined the roads along Beekmantown Tuesday evening to cheer on the Beekmantown Central School Class of 2020 Graduation Parade.

Working to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, graduates and their families paraded through town in their personal vehicles, decked out in balloons, streamers and other decorations.

Those vehicles were joined in the parade by emergency vehicles from the Beekmantown, West Chazy, Cumberland Head and Plattsburgh District 3 fire departments as well as New York State Police and the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department.

“The Senior Parade was organized by the parents for the Beekmantown Class of 2020 graduates to allow for community support and acknowledgment of their hard work during these challenging times,” event organizers Kari Wood and Teri LaMora told the Press-Republican.

“It provided a chance for them to celebrate together in a non-traditional setting. The Parents of the Class of 2020 would like to thank the local community, local law enforcement, fire departments, and students for a memorable event.”