August 28, 2013

Local Facebook readers pan Miley Cyrus performance

Associated Press

— PLATTSBURGH — Former “Hannah Montana” star Miley Cyrus is taking heat over her suggestive dance at the MTV Video Music Awards — and many Press-Republican Facebook readers think it is warranted.

The Press-Republican posed a question on Facebook, asking people what they thought of the former Disney star’s dance with Robin Thicke. Though some readers criticized the PR for asking an entertainment question when serious matters like Syria are in the news, almost 80 reactions to the Cyrus question were posted in a couple of hours.

Here is a sampling:

Sarah Burleigh: “Omg. Our world and morals are so messed up. People need to prevent kids from seeing this violence and filth. Not encourage it and then get upset when there is a backlash from it.”

Gary DeCelle: “Shock and awe over Miley Cyrus’s performance in the VMA Awards. Why, I’m not shocked at all; we have been advancing towards this kind of entertainment for a long time. Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Janet Jackson and many others have led the way with this kind of disgusting strip joint performance. There has been little discussion about these kinds of performances up to now so we were bound to get to this point sooner or later. I wondered how much it would take before there would be some kind of outrage and it has finally gotten here. So who do we blame for this kind of behavior? All of us! If anything was ever said about these kinds of previous performances, you were looked at like you were some kind of prude or were accused of being an old fart. Ok so here we are and now there is outrage all over the place. Now don’t blame Miley Cyrus or her father or demand some MTV flunky be fired, no the blame for this can be shared by all. Nope I’m not upset, I want to thank Miley for kicking us all in the (well you know) and now maybe now some civility and morals will return to the stage thanks to her outrageous display on stage.”

Katie Odell: “What I really want to know though is why all of these parents are outraged by what their children saw on MTV...first of all children shouldn’t be watching MTV. Period end of story. And why get upset by what Miley did but not get upset that your kid is watching 16 & Pregnant or Teen Mom...people truly confuse the hell out of me!!”

Jackie Pangborn: “It is sad that she feels she has to give that kind of performance in order to get noticed. I feel the media is giving her the attention that she is seeking. A Medal of Honor recipient, who deserves this nation’s FULL attention gets very little publicity and all the media can talk about is a young girl that will do anything just to be in the public eye. She has done nothing different than Madonna or Lady Gaga, people are just shocked because we are use to seeing her in her child role not the adult that she has now become. So feel pity for her, not shock, because we all know what Hollywood is all about.”

Debbie Miller Howard: “Would not want my young daughter watching her..disgusting!!!!”

Neil Philip: “Singers who have no talent perform in this way. Since the music means nothing, the show becomes all about the dancing and how far the envelope can be pushed. The father had no talent and neither does the daughter. Unfortunate that they have both made so much money adding little if anything to the cultural collective of American society.”

Shane Murray: “Everyone still views her as a Disney princess... Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Madonna all would have no reaction what so ever... But Hannah Montana isn’t supposed to act like that... She is trying to shed her Hannah Montana persona, and probably is trying too hard ...”

Steven Todd Barcomb: “With all that’s going on in Syria and our president’s decision waiting to be heard, I feel as though this story is a waste of time. Why do we care what some girl does on stage? It affects our live how?”

Marc Woodley: “Here is a thought. How about we report on the impending war with Syria instead of Miley Cyrus.”

James Mousseau: “You know, the war in Syria IS being covered, too. If you want to talk about that, find a thread on that topic and fire away. What is the point in going off topic on this thread that is about an event in National news, not World news. I mean, it is possible to be conscious of more than 1 current event at a time. Two, even three is possible. If you really commit yourself, the sky is the limit on the number of news reports one can be aware of.”

Stephanie Lynne: “I thought her performance was along the lines of earlier Madonna and others like her. I thought she looked so stupid, though, with her tongue hanging out of her mouth and all the idiotic faces she was making! And her hot pants weren’t so hot! Everyone saw the raw chicken picture, right? Gross!”

Carynn Arnold: “I can’t imagine sitting through 3-4 mins of that. The clip I saw on the news was raunchy enough and it was 20 secs!”

Jennifer Lynn Barrows: “She’s a celebrity, they do it for publicity. And publicity she got! Leave her be!”