March 13, 2013

Letters to the Editor: March 13, 2013

Opposes dissolution

TO THE EDITOR: On Tuesday, March 19, there will be a vote to dissolve the Village of Champlain.

It was brought to my attention that some villagers believe that the vote is only to have a study done on the village and how it works. This is entirely inaccurate; in fact, I’m still completely astounded that anyone would purposely mislead other villagers into voting “Yes” without divulging the full truth.

A vote of “Yes” will dissolve our village — forever.

Please help us stop this from happening. Our village is our way of life. Our village officials and workers are continually working to keep Champlain a viable and working village.

The state is trying hard to dissolve all villages because it is the one form of government that still belongs entirely to the people. We elect our own officials, and they truly represent our interests. The farther we move away from this form of government, the less we are heard.

A vote of “Yes” will take away our village. Please do not let that happen.

On Tuesday, March 19, please come out and vote a resounding “No” to save our village from those who would see it destroyed.

“No” on March 19.




Farcical spectacle

TO THE EDITOR: Imagine the pride of the Teapublican voter — the farcical spectacle of a succession of morons being jettisoned from the primary clown car. 

The drama of your default standard-bearer, a lying, unprincipled economic royalist, who lost despite a coordinated campaign of racially discriminatory tactics.

Your re-born “party of smiles” remains one of corporate feudalism, partisan obstructionalism, exclusion and moral bankruptcy. Enjoy the contempt for democracy, selective Constitutional interpretations and a transparent, revisionist pining for a simpler, bygone (i.e., whiter) America. They will shed more heat than light on problems and offer “ready, fire, aim” solutions.

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