February 20, 2013

Speakout: Feb. 20, 2013


We only get together at weddings and funerals. Why is that? Families need to make more of an effort so these words aren’t spoken. Everyone is too busy today.


Kudos to the SUNY Plattsburgh Police for finally enforcing the “right only” rule at the corner of George Angell Drive and Rugar. Over the years, I have seen many accidents and witnessed first hand students almost getting hit in the crosswalk.


Thank you to all the people who helped me at my accident on Smithfield Boulevard on Dec. 16: the lady who stopped to ask if I was OK, the man with the emergency vehicle, CVPH ambulance squad and State Police.


I wish Plattsburgh would keep up its streets. Route 374 is nice and clear, then you have to plow snow with your car from the light from Boynton Avenue on.


Plenty of jobs? Why didn’t you inquire as to the pay these wonderful jobs offer before you declare the economy in the North Country is so good? We need real jobs, not sweatshop jobs.


If the media could come together and stop glorifying mass murderers when such tragedies strike ... I wish the media would not report names, individual’s background and the quest for what they are thinking.

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