January 9, 2013

East Coast Snocross moves to Airborne Speedway

PLATTSBURGH — The track is under construction today for the East Coast Snocross snowmobile races set for Saturday and Sunday at Airborne Speedway.

In 2011 and 2012, the competition took place on the grounds of the Crete Center Memorial Civic Center on Cumberland Head Corners.

Airborne promoter Mike Perrotte said they were excited to bring the first leg of East Coast’s Triple Crown Series to Airborne.

The new venue will allow for a much larger racecourse, he said. That will include large jumps on the track’s front and back stretches that could see sleds flying up to 60 feet.


The racecourse is being built from the accumulated snow, with plenty available, Perrotte said, should rain in the forecast make an attack on it before the weekend. 

It also helps that Airborne has bleachers that can seat about 5,000 spectators, he said, which was one of the main reasons for moving from the Crete Center.

Airborne will have concession stands open for spectators.

Practice runs are scheduled for Friday.

Three races are scheduled during the competition: Pro, Pro-Lite and the Quebec-based Super Competition Motorsport Tour (SCM).


North Country Chamber of Commerce Group Marketing Specialist Kristy Kennedy said she thinks Airborne will make an excellent location for the event. East Coast Snocross (ECS) officials have been wonderful partners, she said.

Kennedy was getting phone calls from potential spectators well before the event was secured.

“I hope it’s something that will continue to grow,” she said.

The event in previous years proved to be a boost to the area’s economy, Perrotte said, adding that he is grateful for the support shown by the City of Plattsburgh in the past.

“The hotels and restaurants see a tremendous boost on the weekend when it is here,” he said.

East Coast Snocross co-owner and President Bob Roscoe said he is pleased Airborne agreed to host the event.

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