November 27, 2013

Chazy 2014 budget under tax cap


---- — CHAZY — The 2014 budget in the Town of Chazy includes a decrease in the tax levy from this year.

And Town Supervisor Staub Spiegel said the tax levy is under the New York state cap.

The 2014 levy for the general and highway funds combined is $877,543, down from $895,674 in 2013.

The general fund levy for 2014 is $309,498, down from $336,299 in 2013.

The highway levy for 2014 is $568,045, up from $559,375 in 2013.

The total budget is $2.49 million, down from $2.51 million in 2013.

The supervisor said Clinton County sales-tax projections continue to have a positive impact on the budget.

“It is satisfying to have my last budget come out so well,” said Spiegel, who didn’t seek re-election this year. “I hope the new administration can do as good a job to toe the line.”

Mark Henry will take over as supervisor on Jan. 1.


The town did exceed the tax cap for its 2013 budget. 

Spiegel blamed that on the $52,953 that represented the town’s portion to settle an assessment challenge on the Pfizer facility in Chazy, a payment that it does not have to make this year. 

For 2014, health-insurance payments came in under projections, he said.

A realignment of the town’s Workers Compensation allocations resulted in lower premiums for that line.

The town used $115,000 of its unexpended general fund balance for the 2014 budget, up from $110,000 last year. That figure remained at $175,000 for the highway fund.

The town lost almost $3 million in assessments on fiber-optic infrastructure after a court ruled that fiber-optic cable and supporting conduit on private property are not covered by New York State Real Property Tax Law.

Two bills are pending in the State Legislature to include that infrastructure in the tax code, Spiegel said.


Spiegel said that, in addition, Chazy assessments remain flat, so there is a slight increase in overall property taxes.

A taxpayer with a property assessed at $100,000 will pay an increase of about $12 a year.

That doesn’t include property-tax payments to the county, Spiegel said.

The only elected official to receive a raise in the new spending plan is the highway superintendent, whose salary increased from $46,509 to $47,509.

The supervisor’s salary remains at $15,000, and town councilors’ salaries stay at $3,600.

The town clerk’s pay is unchanged at $21,175, and the two town justices’ salaries remain $18,000 each.

The Town Council passed the budget at its November meeting.

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