November 20, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 20, 2013

Hockey painters

TO THE EDITOR: Earlier this year, I was approached by parent members of the North Country Youth Hockey (Cougar) organization with a request to paint the interior of the Rouses Point Civic Center.

This offer was more than an investment of time, which was quite extensive. Necessary materials were supplied, as well.

Parent involvement within this organization has always been important to its success, and they have been major supporters of the Civic Center for decades.

The following people deserve special thanks for their many hours of work, coordination of efforts, unique talents, painting and repainting to get it “just right” and dedication to our local youth and facility as we kick off another ice season: Richard Letourneau, Janice Letourneau, Larry Dupee, Norman Lague, Nancy LaValley, Tina Bedard, Roger Bedard, Todd Bulson and Matt Fredette.

Your amazing work is now complete, and our facility looks great. We are very grateful.

Please, when you see these people, join us in thanking them for their volunteerism and generous contribution to the Civic Center. They are not only devoted parents but supportive members of this community.

It is our pleasure to work for and with you, and we appreciate your dedication and hard work.

Best wishes for another successful season of youth hockey in the Northern Tier.




Rouses Point Civic Center employees


Corrupt government

TO THE EDITOR: The Republicans control the House of Representatives, which is half of the legislative branch of our government.

The president repeatedly said that he would not negotiate with the other party on raising the debt or the resolution to fund the government.

Since when are there not negotiations between the two legislative branches to come up with a compromise? Yes, the president was responsible for the shutdown and tried to make it as severe as possible.

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