August 21, 2013

More details on Soup Company closing


PLATTSBURGH — The owners of the now-closed Great Adirondack Soup Company have moved to North Carolina.

Laura Dominianni said in an email that her husband has taken a job as a chef at a restaurant there, and they are enjoying more free time than they had running the Plattsburgh restaurant.

The couple announced the eatery was closed on its Facebook page on Aug. 11. They had opened it in 2003.

“Ten years as a sole proprietor doing everything at our restaurant was exhausting work. Rewarding in its own right, but exhausting,” she said. 

Laura added that they will miss Plattsburgh. 

“We loved every minute and considered ourselves very blessed to have had ten years with the best customers who we considered friends. We will not, however, miss all the snow and long months of winter,” she said. “We gave it a good try and established a business on a very thin shoestring. 

“The economy is tough, and the overhead in a restaurant is enormous. Though frugal and willing to take some risks, we could not imagine another ten years in the business.”

Downtown has a great future if handled properly and with regard for the whole community, not individuals, Laura said.  That can only be augmented by the continued progress at the Strand Theatre, she said.

The couple had been active in efforts to revitalize the Center City.

The Soup Company Facebook page had a post on July 15 saying the restaurant would be closed for two weeks for a vacation, then the popular eatery closed for good not long after that hiatus.

Some wondered about what seemed a sudden shutdown.

“So, we leave with heavy hearts but a strong sense of peace as we trust God is leading us,” Laura said. “Thank you for your kind words and support. 

“We hope this clears up any ‘mystery.’”

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