April 24, 2013

Letters to the Editor: April 24, 2013

Statistics criticized

TO THE EDITOR: Raymond Johnson’s recent column “Climate change: A clear and present danger,” is so full of errors I am not sure where to begin.

His reliance on the theory that warming is caused by C02 is not borne out by fact or even his own references. Studies show C02 is a trailing effect of warming not the other way around.

For the last 17 years, global temperatures have remained level, with no increase noted by the IPCC as C02 has risen in the atmosphere. Since there has been an increase in C02 with no increase in global temperatures, the theory has failed.

But the most glaring mistake in this column is his use of the Marcott study on global temperatures for the last 12,000 years. The study was released approximately six weeks ago with great fanfare and media sensationalism that we are all doomed. But it was quickly discredited, and on Easter Sunday, this retraction came out: “20th century portion of our paleotemperature stack is not statistically robust, cannot be considered representative of global temperature changes and therefore is not the basis of any of our conclusions.”

Mr. Johnson still used this as proof of our impending doom. The facts are not important, obviously, because he also threw in Michael Mann’s discredit hockey stick graph that Al Gore used to deceive the public. It was found that he changed the proxies that did not fit the global-warming religion to produce the warming results he wanted.

The Marcott graph for the last 12,000 years is scary for one reason. It shows temperatures were much warmer 10,000 years ago than today. It also shows a steady decline toward a new Ice Age that will be far worse for mankind than warming.


Lake Placid


Testing focus

TO THE EDITOR: Thank you for running articles on the intense focus on testing that is overwhelming our schools.

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