July 3, 2013

Peru looking to renovate Town Garage


---- — PERU — Peru officials hope to have repairs begin soon to alleviate a leaking roof on the Town Highway Garage.

The Town Council recently adopted a bond resolution authorizing the reconstruction, repair and renovation of the garage at a cost not to exceed $360,000.

“The roof is leaking, and we’re afraid that water damage inside the building is going to escalate the problem,” Town Supervisor Peter Glusko said.

The bond is subject to a 30-day permissive referendum, which means the public can petition for a townwide vote.

“We’re still in preliminaries,” Glusko said. “Financing is subject to the public referendum.”

Town residents have until July 24 to come forward with any concerns they have for the project. New York State Town Law provides residents with 30 days to gather signatures and file a petition with the town clerk expressing their opposition to the proposed activity.

If no petition comes forward, Glushko said, the town will move ahead with plans to go out to bid for the project.

“We hope to have everything accomplished by winter,” he added. “Our major concern is during the winter months when melting snow leaks through the roof.

“We want to be able to protect our equipment (stored in the garage).”

The town has several options it can consider for fixing the roof but will have to make some “major improvements to the structural load-bearing capabilities of the building,” Glushko said.

The town will have to initiate a project that includes renovations to the building itself before repairing the roof in order to receive a stamp of approval from project engineers, he added.

Although the council approved the $360,000 ceiling, Glushko said he believes the project will come in at an estimated cost of $250,000.

The town is working with independent consultant Liz Tedford to seek out low-interest loan opportunities from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Tedford recently helped Peru obtain a $500,000 federal grant for the town’s ongoing Water Improvement Project.

Peru will have to begin paying for the project through a short-term, low-interest Bond Anticipation Note, but the Department of Agriculture will pay off the note upon completion of the project.

The town will then make payments to the USDA at a much better interest rate, Glushko noted.

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