December 5, 2012

Speakout: Dec. 5, 2012


Teachers, please realize that students sense favoritism in the classroom. The top student should be praised but so should the other students. Keep in mind that not all students are your mold.


Thank you to the gentleman and his wife in the gold van outside of Kmart who live near Mason Street that offered to follow us home with the package that was too large to fit in our car. Even though we live in the opposite direction, they happily delivered our package at the expense of their pizza getting cold. They did not accept the $20 we offered, and I forgot to ask his name, but I was touched by their gesture. Your random act of kindness is greatly appreciated.


Once people reach a certain age, they should stop driving, hand in their driver’s license. I was almost hit head-on by an elderly man in a truck while I was driving out of Lowe’s. He never stopped or looked for oncoming traffic at the four-way intersection. 


Whallonsburg has done a great job with the renovation of the Grange Hall. How about the fire department stepping to the front and cleaning up the area around its building?


Why do Bantam teams from some towns allow players from their modified and JV teams to play on the Bantam team? This stacks the deck against schools that don’t allow it.


The young woman from Vermont took a plea in her texting-while-driving case. Clearing the evidence from your phone does no good, as it still exists in other forms. Maybe this will wake up a few others who value texting over the lives of others.

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