May 14, 2014

Three vie for two NCCS Board seats


Leduc: “I think we have to look at, specifically, what we are spending our money on and where we can reduce the cause without affecting education. It’s not going to be easy, it has not been easy in the past, it’s probably not going to be easy in the future.

“I think the community is looking at, ‘Look at all these taxes I have to pay. Why? I don’t even have kids going to school.’ But, you know, the School District brings more than just education to the children; they’re forming our leaders and forming future community leaders, and the school itself should bring some benefit to the area.

“I know people who attend open swim at the school, and they support the school even though they don’t have kids there by attending sporting events. It’s part of the community.”

Why do you think you would be a good choice for the School Board?

Bosley: “My concern is for the future, with my girls starting school, and I have quite a few friends in the educational system as well. I’ve always been a peacemaker when you have two factions or divisions, being a mediator for both, bringing two extremes to a middle.”

Gonyo-Horne: “I keep current with the issues. I work well with other people. I’ve got the experience. We’ve got a great budget this year. We’ve done a good job of balancing the tax burden. We provide a great education at Northeastern, and I just believe I can continue to do so.”

Leduc: “I know the businesses in the area. I know the students in the area. I’ve had children in the School District since 1982, so I’ve been exposed to the same school for all of that time period, so I’ve gotten to learn a lot about the school.

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