July 9, 2014

City hires new parking enforcement officer

PLATTSBURGH — The City of  Plattsburgh has a new full-time parking enforcement officer.

And a number of people have already learned the hard way that the City Police Department is cracking down on parking violations. 

Cori E. Jabaut, who took over parking duties, is patrolling the city to ensure that motorists are obeying the parking laws.

"The vast majority of her work will be downtown and the Center City, but she will be working all over the city, as well," Police Chief Desmond Racicot said.


The city has had a full-time parking enforcement officer on and off over the years, depending on the desire of the Common Council.

The most recent full-time officer, in 2009, was eliminated as a cost-saving measure.

Parking tickets since then have been written by patrol officers, as needed.

In 2008, when the city made a push to collect all past-due parking fines, a total of $117,024 was brought in.

Revenue since then has fluctuated from a low of $36,399 in 2013 to a high of $97,244 in 2011.


Earlier this year, the Common Council encouraged Racicot to find a new full-time parking enforcement officer.

Jabaut works an 8 a.m.-to-4 p.m. shift, walking through neighborhoods to see if vehicles are parked properly.

She is paid $12.38 per hour and gets health-insurance benefits from the city.

She is not a police officer but does have the authority to write tickets.

Racicot said that making sure people are obeying the parking laws is the priority of the position.

"This is not a revenue-generating position," he said. "She is there for parking violations. If there are no violations, we will get rid of the position."


Racicot said downtown businesses have complained about residents tying up parking spaces in front of their stores for days with no enforcement.

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