June 18, 2014

Many feet support youth programs


---- — PLATTSBURGH — Following two days of rain, the weather held out Saturday morning for the first-ever Champlain Valley Family Center 5K Forward for Recovery at Plattsburgh City Beach.

Proceeds from the event will help fund drug- and alcohol-prevention initiatives for youths in Clinton County, which include family support services, placing counselors in school districts and community education.

The event included a children’s run, a 5K race and a performance by the Center Stage Dancers. 

And Champlain Valley Family Center Prevention Coordinator Nichole Christiansen, along with other fitness instructors, held mixed-cardio and yoga classes by the beach.

She believes that exercise can help those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. 

“Fitness is a great way of replacing behaviors that have not been helpful,” she said.

The Family Center is also home to Reality Check, a youth-led movement working against the tobacco industry. 

“We teach our young people how to use their voice to engage the community in policy initiatives aimed at holding the tobacco industry accountable for what they do to market to kids,” said Program Coordinator Dana Isabella.

“I’m so excited at the level of support we’ve received from the community (for 5K Forward),” Isabella added, referring to the sponsors and the 96 runners that participated in the event. 

The agency plans to hold the race every year on the same day that Plattsburgh City Beach opens for the season.