July 24, 2013

City mayoral candidate raises questions

Calnon says other candidates did not file proper paperwork


Tiffer said that McCormick leaving was not the reason the paperwork was filed, but it did force him to find another treasurer.

McCormick told the Press-Republican that he is not part of Tiffer’s campaign team and was never the official treasurer.

Tiffer said he was taking over as the treasurer and would file the proper paperwork this week.

He also noted that since he did not spend more than $1,000, he is not required to file a detailed report.

“If he (Calnon) wants to focus on side issues like this and stay away from real issues, that’s fine,” he said.

“I know what I am doing with my campaign, and it will be taken care of. This is a non-issue.”


Tiffer said his campaign is a grassroots effort among a core group of people in the city who believe in changing Plattsburgh.

“I don’t have the mechanisms or the machine that my counterpart more than likely has,” he said.

Tiffer said complaining about campaign filings takes away from efforts to solve serious city issues, such as having two unions — Plattsburgh Permanent Firefighters and American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees — working without a new contract.

“We need to focus on making sure that our city workers have fair contracts that are sustainable so taxpayers are not forced out of their homes, and this does nothing for that,” he said.


Calnon, who is a registered independent voter but received the Republican and Independence party endorsements, said four unions are actually without a contract — the others being the Municipal Lighting Department and the Police Department — and that he has no machine.

“My ‘machine’ consists of my family and my own grassroots support,” he said.

“Mark Tiffer has the entire Democratic Party machine behind him. In fact, he is the treasurer of the City Democratic Party, which ought to have given him the experience he needed to meet the deadlines.”

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