July 17, 2013

Mayor's Cup fireworks win high marks


---- — PLATTSBURGH — Looks like the City of Plattsburgh’s fireworks got rave reviews this year.

We asked Press-Republican Facebook readers what they liked about this year’s Plattsburgh Mayor’s Cup Regatta and Festival and whether they had any advice on future city celebrations.

Here are some of the responses:

Tammy Whitty-Brown: “I helped out at the Kent-Delord House for the evening, where we provided games for the children before the fireworks. It was very successful and everyone had a blast. I loved seeing the smiles on the children’s faces as they played, and we served them popcorn and snowcones. Then we all watched the fireworks, which were the best I have ever seen in the North Country, and that is hard for me to admit as I was raised in Schroon Lake where they normally have some of the best fireworks on the 4th.”

Caity Saunders Worley: “I loved that there seemed to be a lot more things for kids of the younger age group to do. We had a fantastic time!”

Nikki Edwards: “Loved that there were several free activities for the kids! Also loved the Mayor’s Cup Idol! Such amazing talent in our area. The fireworks ... were amazing, and I think they were better than the 4th of July ones!”

Esteban Gotti: “Coordinate better the traffic disaster that occurred downtown on Friday for those of us who had to work because we don’t have enough money to either own a boat or take the day off...thanks!”

Anika Fullum: “I loved the kids activities, especially the ARC Family Fun Zone!”

Brittanie Elizabeth Bouvia: “Nothing like it used to be *___* !!”

Ricky Dykeman: “The fireworks this year, both both the 4th and Mayor’s Cup, were the best I’ve seen in quite a few years.”

Crystal N Bill Potts: “Loved the fireworks.....but i wish it was more like it use to be.....more bands....and lasted all week.”

Mary Ladue: “Loved the Mayor’s Cup Idol, and the fireworks were best I’ve seen in a long time. Candy apple/fried bread dough vendors needed though.”

Charlotte Benware-Halaburda: “The kids activities were wonderful..way to go ARC Family Fun Zone. All the kiddos seemed to enjoy themselves.”

Theresa Starr Kempisty: “Nice fireworks, great (Mayor’s Cup) bike ride, I really enjoyed the new route down Route 9. The 5K (Fun Run) was a disappointment, not a great showing.”

Joelyn VanEss: “Loved the hypnotist and boat parade!!! (missed the fireworks, unfortunately). definitely agree that a fried dough stand would be awesome.”

Ed Darrah: “Glad the majority liked it. Please don’t ever return the event to the lengthy 5+ days that it used to be. For those of us that live downtown, having to constantly fight people out of our private residential driveways, backyards and parking lots...Not as bad now; 3 days is ENOUGH!!!”

Daniel Cogan: “Give the local vendors that pay the city a vendor’s permit fee the opportunity to vend downtown instead of bringing out-of-the-area vendors.”

The Cabana Beach Bar: “More activities at the beach.”