October 30, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 30, 2013


Her easy personal demeanor belies the intensity of her inner drive. Her strengths of perception and awareness will serve the people of Area 6 well. She sees the bigger picture but also is intuitively sensitive to individuals’ needs.

I believe she will work hard as a legislator and listen to us.




Skilled visionary

TO THE EDITOR: When I first met Bill Brudvig, he was so business oriented I wondered if he smiled.

He was the comptroller for Renaissance Village. What an impressive individual. And as I watched him account for every dime, it became apparent, here’s a man of honesty and integrity. 

When Bill was appointed to the Zoning Board, I recognized another facet. As a home builder, Bill’s familiarity with infrastructures in our area became an important part of his board participation. Whether it was the basic physical and organization of a structure, buildings, roads or power sources, his valuable knowledge was outstanding.

It was his manner, as he’s considerate and understanding when dealing with those needing variances for either building a new house or adding on to their present home. Bill easily understood and recognized how important each request was.

We must control town spending, and who else but someone who has 28 years of experience in business and accounting to do the job. Bill knows budgets, and he’s willing to roll up his sleeves and tackle our budget. We need more responsibility in controlling spending.

Bill Brudvig will work hard to bring order and accountability to our town government.




Bernardi endorsed

TO THE EDITOR: It has come to my attention that John Bernardi is running for the position of Area 6 Clinton County legislator.

I can not think of a more fiscally responsible, caring, community-minded person than John Bernardi. I have worked with John during his time as ACAP director and as the leader of the local United Way. John is literally the go-to guy.

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