October 30, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 30, 2013





Skilled, experienced

TO THE EDITOR: I support Mike Cashman for Plattsburgh Town Council.

Mike is assistant director of campus activities at SUNY Plattsburgh. He advises the Student Government with a $1.1 million budget, which gives him experience that will carry over to his duties as a town councilman.

He works with 1,000-plus student volunteers each year. This requires he be able to deal well with many different personalities, beliefs and needs. His skill in handling these differences will help him work with the differing needs and wishes of the people in the Town of Plattsburgh.

He is a good listener and skilled questioner who tries to bring out the reason for a request. Mike’s department generates over 10,000 hours of volunteer service by students in our community each year. Through this program, Mike has gained a strong understanding of the needs of the community.

He is not afraid to speak up when he has concerns about issues. He will use his strong management skills, unfettered energy and ability to work with people to help the Town of Plattsburgh to continue to develop as a good place to live, work and establish a business.

I encourage you to vote for Mike.




Waldron support

TO THE EDITOR: I first met Patty Waldron many years ago when she was a student in my seventh-grade English class at Saranac Central School.

As with most former students, I lost track of her personal story over the years. But when she re-emerged as a candidate for legislator for Area 6, I wasn’t surprised.

Still strong of character, Patty represents the true business grit and the informal intuition it takes to successfully own and manage a commercial venture in Plattsburgh, the Koffee Kat.

Prior to opening her business 16 years ago, she worked a decade for a New York state facility, learning the intricacies of the Civil Service workforce. She knows both the private and the public sectors.

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