August 14, 2013

Speakout: Aug. 14, 2013


Is there a reason why some taxi drivers don’t think they have the same rules as the rest of us?


It’s just plain ridiculous that parking spots are being taken for restaurants on City Hall Place. It’s not fair to other business owners who pay rent and then have no parking for their customers.


Does Parks and Rec for the Village of Rouses Point know how to operate a trimmer? It’s a shame that this beautiful village is not being maintained like it should.


The reason I have had to replace two sand buckets is both were broken by other children. And now I have to replace two stolen sand shovels. It’s not the money; it is the moral principal. When parents are stealing from children, shame on them.


Breathing is a necessity; smoking isn’t. Smokers impose drug choice on others. They force others to stink. They block entrances so we must breathe their waste to pass. They cause headaches, allergies, breathing issues. Is it legal to drug others unwillingly? I’ve come to hate community events because of them.


Entrapment should be unconstitutional when we are led or lured to break the law. Those who induce this type of behavior on others should be charged with felony harassment charges and defamation.

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