November 14, 2012

Voting for young and old

Only about five weeks until Christmas. My goodness, how did this year go by so fast?

Once we vote on Election Day, it seems that the turkey gobbles and then it’s Ho-Ho-Ho time, followed by making New Year’s resolutions. 

I was quite surprised on Election Day, not only that my voting location had been changed, but that the technique we use to vote had also been changed.

We pulled into the parish hall at St. Mary’s of the Lake, and when we didn’t see many cars, we figured we had timed our arrival just right. Then my husband noticed kids in the hall dancing and we figured we were in the wrong place, after 20-plus years of voting there. The sign on the window said Cumberland Head Fire Department was the new location. Funny, I don’t remember getting a notice that it had changed.

When I walked into the fire station, I was very surprised there were no voting machines. It’s only been the past few years that I mastered the “select one button in this row” technique. Actually, it was rather satisfying to hear that “tick” sound every time a selection locked in. Then, the big thrill of pulling the huge handle, hearing “KATHUNK” and breathing a sigh of relief when the curtains opened and another election was behind me. The next step was to head over to the food-sale tables to buy some goodies.

Basically, we are back to where we began, voting with paper and a pencil, rather a marker, in this case. Not that I have a hard time following directions, but I have to admit I did go outside of the lines trying to fill in those dots. 

I was glad my husband sat next to me at the table, because those little “screens” didn’t give much privacy. He easily looked around the screen to ask me a couple of questions. If a stranger were sitting there, how do I know he or she wouldn’t cheat and vote opposite my vote, negating my choice? 

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