January 16, 2013

Speakout: Jan. 16, 2013


I have seen the Beekmantown girls ice hockey team play, and the coach has them playing with the upmost professionalism and skill and plays.


Taking guns out of the hands of honest, law-abiding citizens will create a black market where only criminals, mentally deranged and terrorists will have access to weapons.


In my next life I am coming back to Plattsburgh and making every person working in any job that requires them to have public contact to take my course on good, old-fashioned customer service. If it doesn’t happen, there won’t be any businesses left.


I celebrate the season with quiet reflection, with hope for a better future. I wish for those who have wants against their own needs to have their eyes opened to a truth that is larger than themselves.


It’s time to demand safety in schools. Ban assault rifles. No reason for average person to have them. Schools locked from outside. Metal detector and security guard at entrance. Heavy doors with bulletproof glass and locks to classrooms.


Today I was visiting someone at a local hospital and was shocked that during visiting hours two men wheeled a body in a body bag right down the hall, past patients walking in the halls and visitors — very upsetting and insensitive.


Parents with firearms who have emotionally disturbed children, please get rid of your guns.Most parents know if their child is disturbed but are in denial. Think they wouldn’t do anything. Parents, take responsibility now.

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