January 16, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Jan. 16, 2013



TO THE EDITOR: Recent commentary and articles regarding the potential dissolution of the Village of Champlain have noted how the village has managed to maintain good water rates.

Interested parties should review the village’s Annual Water Quality Reports, available on its website, for information on the rates. It will be noted that “outside village” users, including NCCS School, are charged almost double the rate village users are charged.

Although user information is not provided, one could surmise that the 580 service connections within the village use substantially less water than either the NCCS School or Champlain border facilities.

How is the village able to maintain their rates? One would imagine village users are satisfied with their rates, but who is subsidizing whom?

Additionally, the AWQR reports that the village produced about 53 million gallons of water, delivering 31 million to customers; leaving 22 million gallons “unaccounted for.”

An accepted standard for “unaccounted-for water” in a municipal system is generally about 15 percent and can be assumed lost to flushing hydrants, fire protection and leakage.

The village reported it cannot account for 41 percent of the water it produced in 2011. Just for fun, do the math to see how much money 22 million gallons of water is worth at the rates the village is charging. Good rates and sustainable operations? Something to think about.





TO THE EDITOR: Packing hope and joy into 6,919 gift-filled shoe boxes, Clinton, Franklin, Essex and St. Lawrence county residents gave children around the world a reason to smile this Christmas season and beyond.

Children in more than 100 countries received shoe boxes. Some of the first shoe-box gifts were given out by Franklin Graham in Haiti this week to children who have lost so much.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in packing shoe boxes for Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child this year: all of the wonderful individuals, families, churches and organizations, including the Senior Citizen Council, several Girl Scout troops and the Boy Scouts in Champlain who held a bottle drive for Operation Christmas Child.

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