January 1, 2014

Chimneys damaged by sliding ice

MALONE — The ice is taking its toll.

With bitter cold expected again starting today, there's been little chance to clean up the ice deposited by the two-day storm last week.

Sidewalks, homes and cars are still encased in ice, and walking can be treacherous.


Sheets of ice sliding off metal roofs sheared off numerous chimneys across Franklin County during the past few days, prompting officials to issue warnings to residents.

Franklin County Emergency Services Director Ricky Provost said no one was hurt, but more than 20 chimneys were damaged or collapsed because of the pre-Christmas ice storm that the region experienced last week.

Officials in Clinton County had about six reports of chimney damage.


Ed Reville's home in Malone was one victim of the sliding ice.

The longtime member of the Malone Callfiremen said he and his wife were in their living room when a huge sheet of ice let loose from the roof above their bedroom Saturday and tore part of their metal chimney down.

“It shook the whole house,” he said Tuesday, laughing. “My wife didn’t want to sleep in the bedroom because she was afraid the roof would collapse, so we had to sleep in lounge chairs.”

Reville said he was able to get the rest of his roof shoveled off and the chimney repaired quickly, but it cost him about $500 to replace an elbow and triple-insulted piping that were damaged.

“We had snow, then ice on top of that, then it snowed again, and then we got ice on that,” he said.

“And when it got sun, the roof warmed up, and the ice melted.”


Provost said residents whose homes suffered damage need to have their chimney inspected.

They are also reminded to check heating and venting systems to avoid a possible fire or carbon-monoxide poisoning.

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