February 12, 2014

Former music store owner studies Adirondack History

Former music store owner studies Adirondacks


“Even if they weren’t specifically about the Adirondacks, I was able to do my research papers focusing on the Adirondacks,” he said.


With an expected graduation date of spring 2014, Peacock is working on his senior-year capstone project: a smartphone application that would serve as a travel guide to the Adirondacks.

“People can click on a point on a Google map and a history will come up of that particular spot,” he said.

Along with local history, Peacock hopes to include geologic information for different locations, as well as profiles of notable residents.

For example, the role Dewey Decimal System creator Melvil Dewey played in establishing Lake Placid as a premier destination for winter sports is a lesser-known piece of local history that he hoped to include.


Peacock said users could also reference the guide when traveling along a particular trail or up a certain mountain to feel more connected to those who had traveled that location in the past.

When climbing Mount Marcy, for instance, Peacock said hikers could use the guide to follow in the footsteps of President Theodore Roosevelt.

Roosevelt was on top of Marcy when he learned of the assassination of William McKinley and was rushed back to be sworn in as president.

Peacock aims to provide information to about 15 to 20 locations around the Adirondacks. Along with a text-based app, he hopes to work out the technical challenges of developing an audio app with the same travel information.

After graduation, Peacock plans to enjoy the wilderness that he has been studying before deciding what to do next.

“I’m just going to do a lot of kayaking and camping this summer and extending that right into the fall, and then I’ll make a decision,” he said.

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