April 20, 2012

Lobby formed for Cuomo blew deadline

Associated Press

ALBANY — A group of CEOs that has become Albany's biggest lobbying force has not complied with regulations to show how it raised $9 million to support Gov. Andrew Cuomo's agenda while claiming to be a charity.

A review by The Associated Press shows that the state Charities Registration Bureau has no annual report for the Committee to Save New York for 2011, when it waged extensive TV and radio campaigns to support Cuomo's budget and policies.

The report was due Aug. 15 under the committee's initial filing as a charity. State officials say there is no explanation or request for extensions.

Committee spokesman Michael McKeon says the group changed its fiscal year so it believes the report is not due until mid-May. The charities bureau has no record of the change.

McKeon says the group will resolve the issue Friday.