Albany Round-up

April 5, 2012

NY business lobby backing Cuomo is biggest spender

ALBANY — An analysis by the New York Public Interest Research Group finds the big business lobbying group created to back Gov. Andrew Cuomo is again the state's highest-spending lobbyist.

NYPIRG says the Committee to Save New York spent almost $12 million last year. That's nearly twice the amount spent by No. 2 on the list, a healthcare workers' union.

The connection between Cuomo and his big business donors led the Occupy Albany movement to dub him Governor 1 Percent.

Since then, Cuomo has reversed himself and enacted a millionaire's tax, but is criticized for failing to close corporate tax loopholes.

The Committee to Save New York was created by CEOs and other business executives to run media blitzes to support Cuomo's positions.

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Albany Round-up