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January 22, 2014

Facebook readers debate icy sidewalks

PLATTSBURGH — In the City of Plattsburgh, property owners are required to clear the sidewalks.

But this year’s ice storms have made that a challenge. The Press-Republican reported on the issue in Monday’s paper and then asked Facebook readers what they thought of the winter-shoveling issue.

Here is a sampling of the nearly 70 responses we received:

Daryl Perkins: “I normally shovel my lengthy sidewalk every winter. And it’s always kept up with. Except for this year!! With the amount of ice we had, it is nearly impossible to bust through it all. I have already broken a brand new shovel just making a path for the mailman. I think when we have ice storms like this, a larger machine should do it. Take into consideration all the elderly folks out there that have no one to help them and that would be too much of a task to have them out there trying to bust through 4 inches of ice.”

Andy Bordeau: “I think if city cops were on foot patrol, something might be done.”

Theresa Goheens: “If the city puts it on the sidewalks from plowing they need to remove it.”

Chad Baker: “It’s funny that in one breath people are complaining that they pay too much in taxes and in the next say that it’s the city that should spend the money to clear sidewalks. Where do you think this money to pay these people and purchase the equipment to complete this task are going to come from? They aren’t going to re-allocate funds from some other project or take it from where it has already been set to be used: these are against the law.”

Phillip Malcomb: “Ask the mail carriers who have to traverse each and every mile of our sidewalks. I’m sure they have a laundry list of lazy property owners!”

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