July 30, 2013

More Franklin County parcels to auction


---- — MALONE — Another 95 parcels may be taken over by Franklin County for delinquent taxes and could be auctioned as early as October.

County Treasurer Bryon Varin told legislators another stack of foreclosures were recently forwarded to County Court Judge Robert G. Main Jr. for his review.

Taxes have not been paid on the properties since 2008.

Varin said his office has taken the required steps to ensure that owners are aware of the pending action.

After an initial letter of delinquency is sent, a title search and abstract of each property is conducted. Then, all parties with an interest in the property, such as lien holders and anyone named on the parcel, are notified.

The delinquent properties are published in local newspapers three times then submitted to the judge, whose staff reviews the Treasurer’s Office work and verifies the findings “to show there was due diligence to let everyone know the county is taking title,” Varin said.

The court then decides whether to award the property to the county, and, for those that are, a deed is filed in the county’s name.

Once the deeds are recorded, it usually takes two to three months to arrange the property auction.

Varin said owners are given every opportunity to redeem their property, such as paying in installments or using a credit card. They have until the day of the auction to do so.

The county sold 50 parcels last month for nearly $685,000, which was about $100,000 more than it was owed in back taxes.

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