August 13, 2013

Occupancy tax following sales-tax trend


PLATTSBURGH — Occupancy-tax figures for Clinton County also took a slight dip in the second quarter, but projections still should easily be met.

“From what I hear, the hotels are doing very well now, and we hope to do better than last year,” County Treasurer Joesph Giroux said.

The county took in $124,128 in occupancy tax in the second quarter this year, which was about $2,700 less than the 2012 revenue in the same quarter.

In the first quarter of this year, the county garnered $95,072, which was about $5,000 more than the first quarter in 2012.

Giroux said the county should have no problem reaching the $440,000 total that was pledged to the Plattsburgh/North Country Chamber of Commerce to promote tourism.

Last year, the county took in $523,484 in occupancy tax. About $497,310 of that went to the chamber, and $26,174 was allocated to the Treasurer’s Office for administrative costs.

The county implemented the 3 percent occupancy tax in 2007 as a means of promoting the region, especially the many fishing tournaments on Lake Champlain.

The Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau is responsible for spending the funds on marketing the area.

Group and Event Specialist Kristy Kennedy said that while the second quarter may have been down a bit from last year’s banner season, the numbers are still healthy.

“Many hoteliers that we spoke to said the drop in the second quarter was directly connected to the rain and unseasonable weather,” Kennedy told the Press-Republican.

“However, we also asked about July’s numbers, and all the hoteliers are experiencing high occupancy rates, including several sold-out weeknights.”

Kennedy said they are confident the trend will continue.

“I would say the numbers will match or come close to matching figures seen in 2012, essentially keeping on track for another great year.”

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