April 29, 2014

Cat stows away to Loon Lake

Plattsburgh feline hitches ride to vacation at Loon Lake

PLATTSBURGH — You might call Cooper the cat who went on vacation.

He stowed away in a pickup truck and traveled to Loon Lake much to the consternation of his owner, Julie Rock, who had no idea where Cooper was.

In what sounds like a story from Lilian Jackson Braun, famed for her mystery novels involving cats, Cooper launched himself on an adventure.


The 10-month-old tiger cat first came into Julie’s life when he was feral kitten. She adopted him and his brother, Bauer, after a friend started feeding them.

Since the office where she works has a room where the cats could stay, Julie would take them to work with her and visit with them while she was doing paperwork. 

That gave the two feral kittens some quiet time to learn about bonding with humans. 

“I think that helped sitting with them, petting them, giving treats,” she said. 

They also got to meet the friendly office cat, Charlie, and they observed how he interacted with humans. Slowly but surely, Cooper and Bauer became more comfortable and affectionate.

But their personalities are still different. 

“Bauer’s a little bit more bashful,” Julie said, while Cooper is “the more curious” of the two.

That curiosity led him to his big adventure.


It began when Cooper sneaked out the door of his Plattsburgh home and bolted. 

Julie looked everywhere. 

“We set up a have-a-heart trap and we caught the wrong cat.” 

That cat looked healthy, so they released him so he could find his way back home. 

Then, Julie set the trap up again, but there was still no sign of Cooper. Instead, it caught a skunk.

“We released him, or her, without getting sprayed.”


Meanwhile, Julie's father, Gary Rock, set off on a trip to his camp in Loon Lake, about 40 miles away. 

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