July 30, 2013

Three injured; fire damages Rouses Point home

ROUSES POINT — Tricia Guay and her daughter, Karissa, pounded on Paul Rowe’s door just before 8 a.m. Monday, sobbing, bleeding and asking for help.

Mrs. Guay told him her husband, Randy, “‘was bleeding, but I don’t know where he is,’” Rowe said.

An apparent domestic incident set off the chain of events at the Guay home at 30 Priscilla Lane, two doors down from Rowe’s residence.

He ushered the mother and daughter to his pickup truck and took them to North Country Medical Group in Champlain; it would be quicker than calling the ambulance, he figured.


Unaware of that situation, another neighbor, Dan Carey, spotted smoke rolling from the Guay home minutes later and hollered to his wife, Gail.

Running down the street, phone in his hand as he called 911, Mr. Carey hammered on the doors of the burning home. His wife joined him, fearing the cars in the driveway meant the family was inside.

“We wanted to go in, but it was full of smoke,” Mrs. Carey said. “For a few minutes, we were very terrified.

“‘Oh, my God, what if they’re in there?’” was the thought repeating itself in her mind.

The normally quiet neighborhood became chaotic as others rushed from their homes, wanting to help, and as Rouses Point Volunteer Fire Department firefighters arrived to find heavy smoke rising from the garage and eaves of the house.


“We knocked it down in a hurry,” Rouses Point Assistant Chief Walt Laramie said of the fire at about 9:30 a.m., while behind him firefighters worked on the porch, strips of blackened, melted siding hanging about their heads.

Fire hoses snaked down the street; yellow crime-scene tape stretched from the Guay home past Rose Deso’s house next door and across the front of Rowe’s home at 26 Priscilla Lane.

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