July 1, 2014

Your Town: Bombay Town Council looks at fuel billing

BOMBAY — A mixup in billing for diesel fuel has prompted the Bombay Town Council to investigate.

At a recent meeting, the diesel bill from Vaincourt Fuels, dated Dec. 4, 2013, was reported as being paid by the Bombay Fire Corp. when it may have actually belonged to the Town Highway Department.

It was explained that confusion over accounts and the difficulty of tracking the delivery pink slip were part of the problem. 

Bombay Fire President Bill Seward said Vaincourt Fuels had allowed them to purchase fuel using a state contract through the town’s name but with a different account number, as approved by Town Supervisor Mary Frances Smith Taylor. 

But Taylor said there was no such agreement and reported that the town’s account with Vaincourt Fuels had been closed.

The matter was tabled for further investigation.

 In other business at the meeting:

PARK FENCING: The Town Council plans a meeting with Invisible Fence of Champlain to discuss new fencing at the Recreation Park and to obtain an estimate.

SPEED SIGN: A Safety in a Box speed-indicator sign is being ordered at a cost of $4,450, plus $268 for shipping.

COMPACT FUNDS: The Town Council has received casino compact funds in the amount of $198,357.78 for the third quarter of 2013.

SIDEWALKS: A motion by Town Councilman James Brann was approved to lay new sidewalk from the corner of Route 95 to the Recreation Park, adding a crosswalk at River Road. Measurements and proposals will be obtained.

HIGHWAY UPDATE: Cotter Road has been closed due to flooding and also posted with weight-limit signs.

Also, the department’s 1987 grader is in need of a new motor. It was suggested that if auctioned it could bring between $8,000 and $12,000 as is. Approval was given to rent a grader from Beck’s for one month at a cost of $5,250.

It was noted that Mike Langdon has been hired as a part-time employee until Labor Day.

Also, it was mentioned that National Grid has not erected a power pole yet at Cold Storage on Lantry Road.

NEXT MEETING: The next Town Council meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Wednesday, July 9, at Bombay Town Hall, 379 Lantry Road.

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