January 1, 2013

Altona man shot and killed by deputy

Serving warrant when, Sheriff David Favro says, man drew knife

ALTONA — A Clinton County Sheriff’s deputy shot and killed an Altona man who was attacking him with a knife, authorities say.

At about 4:20 p.m. Sunday, Dusty Clark, 28, of 9 Bloomer St. opened the kitchen door of his residence to Deputies Jason R. Winters and Andrew J. Bertrand, there to serve him with an arrest warrant, Clinton County Sheriff David Favro said.

“The deputies informed him they had a warrant for his arrest and he was going to have to go with them,” he said. “He indicated he was not going, turned away from them and secured a knife.”

Favro said Clark moved toward Winters in an aggressive way.

“The deputy drew his taser and warned the subject approximately four times to put the knife down,” the sheriff said.

He fired the taser, he said. 

“(But) it did not have the desired impact to slow or stop the individual.”

Clark, he said, didn’t back down — instead, he cornered Winters, who drew his service revolver.


At a press conference Monday afternoon, Favro noted that Clark also threatened the officer verbally during the altercation, but the sheriff was not certain of Clark’s exact words. 

The sheriff said Winters warned Clark one last time.

“The individual did not yield (to) that warning and continued to come close to the deputy in a threatening fashion, and the deputy discharged his firearm, striking the individual, ultimately causing his death,” Favro said. 

Clinton County Coroner David Donah declared Clark dead at the home at 5:25 p.m. An autopsy was to be conducted Monday morning at CVPH Medical Center in Plattsburgh.

A camera attached to the taser that was used on Clark recorded audio and video of the incident, which authorities have viewed, according to Favro. 

Preliminary investigation has revealed that Winters fired two or three rounds, which struck Clark in the center chest area. However, the sheriff said, autopsy

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