January 29, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Jan. 29, 2013

Government salaries

TO THE EDITOR: Our senators and representatives are so consumed with their own importance and self-interests that they are unable to do their job.

They want to lower “entitlements” for the most vulnerable, but no mention is made of their own bloated salaries and abundant perks.

Government salaries should be lowered and capped to be more comparable to private industry.

Being a senator or representative should have a term limit, like the president, rather than be a career profession.

Remove all “earmarks,” no loopholes and no special interests.

That would be wishful thinking because Congress would have to vote on it, and they feel the extras they voted for are “entitlements.”

We need more logic and common sense and less greed.




Petulant president

TO THE EDITOR: Let us assume that we give our teenager who is attending college a credit card. After several upward adjustments, the limit is now $16,000.

We see that he is now spending one dollar for every 60 cents that he earns and has reached his credit limit. The situation has become so serious that we are unable to pay off the credit card.

We tell him that for every $1,000 that we increase the debt limit, he must agree to reduce his spending by $250.

He becomes angry and says he will not do anything to reduce his expenditures and that he is not about to negotiate with us on the credit-card limit. Of course, we share the blame, as we have allowed it to happen by approving the recurring expenditures.

This circumstance is exactly comparable to our current situation. Our petulant president will not listen to any talk of reducing expenditures. He thinks that he is now our czar or dictator and we must do what he says. He has chosen to just represent the people that think like he does and belittles the rest of us.

Those who ignore our debt problem have their heads stuck in the sands.



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