January 1, 2013

Speakout: Jan. 1, 2013


There are too many suicides at the Ausable Chasm bridge. High fencing and/or netting should be installed on both sides of the bridge to stop the jumping.


If you can’t afford to properly tip your waitress, don’t go out to eat. I don’t know how many times my wife comes home from work and says she received $4 on a $60 or $7 on a $90. This is her livelihood.


Why do landlords feel that they don’t have to plow driveways by at least 7 a.m. so their tenants can get to work on time? The lease says snow removal, but plowing seems to be at the owner’s convenience.


It was so nice to read the paper. no huge tax increase. Thanks to Canadians coming to Plattsburgh to shop. Imagine if the residents shopped local for everything they buy online. Buy local, cars to pens.


Too many stray cats in the area wandering aimlessly in and out streets without food, water and shelter. In the last two weeks, I have noticed three stray dogs wandering around my neighborhood, looking for something to eat. This is unacceptable and downright cruel.


We want to thank the people who ran over and killed our kitten on Nov. 19 and just left her body in the road, 20 feet from our front door. Accidents happen, but how hard would it have been to let us know? We may have been able to save her.


To the people who assume all teenagers are no good and wild, I suggest you go look at the ones who are volunteering and doing good for the community instead of the ones you are acquainted with.


Black Friday at department store out of control. Dangerous. Fights. Isn’t there maximum-occupancy laws? Law about inciting a riot? People taking items before sale started. Taking 10 to 12 of item so others got none. Items gone two hours before sale started.


I am getting tired of these different places who have delivery people who wear the same clothes and smell like cigarette smoke. That smoke is also on the food they deliver.


 It may not be healthy for hair to get dyed too much. But I can think of a lot worst things a person can do. Such as smoking pot and telling off the principal at school.

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