October 29, 2013

Editorial: Be proactive on cyberbullying


Teachers would often confiscate the slang books upon discovering them, but most likely because they were distracting during classes, not because of the potential emotional damage to individuals.

Cyberbullying is simply slang books brought to a higher level of accessibility.

Probably some students participate without realizing the horrible effects they are having on their classmates.

That’s where the schools and the parents come in. And they apparently are, according to the poll.

Results indicate that 49 percent of students have endured some kind of harassment from other students, down from 56 percent in 2011. And 34 percent of harassed children are going to their parents for help, up from 27 percent.

Parents must be proactive on this issue, monitoring what their own children write, as well as what is written about them.

No child should have to endure such emotional agony.

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