September 24, 2013

Village of Champlain addresses water issue

CHAMPLAIN — The Village of Champlain’s new Wastewater Credit Policy had the Village Board reassessing claims that were denied over the past few years.

The village has always had a policy, but the new one passed by the board in August is more definitive, according to Mayor Gregory Martin.

Now, no credits will be given if the amount of water at issue went through the sewage-treatment plant.

“We treat all the water that goes through that plant,” he said, so it’s a cost to the village.

“Your water and wastewater bills, like anywhere, are dependent on your total-water usage,” he said. “Your wastewater bill is figured from that, as well as your water bill.”

So if the water meter shows a monthly use of 1,000 gallons, it is presumed 1,000 gallons went through the wastewater plant, for example.


But, in some cases, for example if a villager fills a swimming pool, that water does not end up at the plant.

“In the past, we took a reading off their water meter, and they would fill their pool. We would go back and read it again to see how much water they put in their pool. 

“Theoretically, that water doesn’t go in the wastewater system. We would issue a credit on their wastewater bill for that amount,” Martin said. 

On the other hand, a toilet that keeps running does use more water, and that water does end up processed at the sewer plant at the far end of River Street.

The new policy is very clear, Martin said, that such extra usage would not qualify for a credit.


Trustee Thomas Trombley suggested a review of back claims for possible reimbursement. 

Champlain resident Keith LaPlante made the original request, asking for a sewer credit of $990, which was approved by the Village Board in August.

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