September 17, 2013

Kim Davis pulls out Independence win in treasurer race

Absentee ballot count decides Clinton County treasurer race

PLATTSBURGH — After the opening of absentee ballots on Monday morning, Kimberly Davis has emerged as the apparent winner in the Independence Party primary for Clinton County treasurer.

Davis picked up 58 votes in absentee ballots Monday to just four for Susan Polhemus. The final tally, pending certification, showed Davis with 137 votes to 89 for Polhemus, according to the Clinton County Board of Elections.

“I am very happy about this,” Davis told the Press-Republican.

Polhemus, who will be running for treasurer on the Republican ticket in November, was the only candidate listed on the Independence Party ballot on Primary Day. Davis, the Democratic and Working Families Party candidate, submitted petitions with the required number of signatures to make the contest what is known as an “opportunity to ballot” race.

That means that registered Independence Party voters could either vote for Polhemus or write in any name they wanted.

On election night, Polhemus tallied 85 votes, and there were 86 write-ins. The write-ins were counted last Wednesday, and the count then showed an 85-to-79 lead for Polhemus with 71 absentees to be counted.

Nine absentee ballots were blank and not counted.


Davis said she spent a lot of time educating voters about the write-in and absentee-ballot process.

“I think it was a combination of meeting with a lot of people face to face and explaining about the electoral process and talking about my qualifications,” she said

“You do have to get out there and let people know about the election, but if you don’t have the qualifications, they probably won’t vote for you.”

Davis ran for treasurer in 2007 and lost in a close race to Republican Joseph Giroux. The incumbent is retiring and not seeking re-election.

Davis was working as the branch manager for Glens Falls National Bank when she decided to step down earlier this year to concentrate on running for treasurer.

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